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 Addie came to our “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” class with a wonderful photo, shown below.  

She decided to work with the existing composition, but to add interest with her fabrics.


She did an extraordinary job of letting her fabrics work for her.  (Click the above photo to see an enlargement.)  Plus, the light shining on just one face of the mountain is extremely effective.

Donna came to class with a photo she had taken on a special vacation. 


After we discussed composition, she realized that shifting the tree and mountain edge to the right would work well.


Donna came well-armed with appropriate fabrics.  She had done her homework and brought floral fabrics in a variety of scales.  They worked well and helped her create a strong sense of depth.  She’ll consider adding more flowers in the left foreground.

Did I mention we had fun in this class?  Oh yes!

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  I’ll be teaching “Design Your Own Nature Quilt” online, later this year.  If you’d like to be notified about the next class, use the subscription box on my newsletter page to sign up, and then select advance notification for any desired classes.

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