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Floral Improv class sample. Taught by Ellen Lindner, AdventurQuilter.com

Garden Frolic by
Ellen Lindner.
Class sample for ONLINE class

Want to enhance your artistic skill while making a quick project?  This class will accomplish both.  First, you’ll learn how to make a variety of flowers with no patterns.  After quilting your background, you’ll be ready to create your composition.  With Ellen’s pointers on design you’ll be guaranteed to make a masterpiece.  Finally, you’ll learn a quick technique for facing and finishing your quilt with NO hand sewing!

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February 3, 2017 (4 weeks)
$29, 3 Lessons


Class Requirements:

Sewing machine – capable of doing free motion sewing: lowered feed dogs and an appropriate presser foot.  Walking foot very useful, but optional.
Sewing skills – Students must be comfortable with free motion sewing (although a high level of skill is not needed.)  If using a walking foot, students should know how to attach and adjust it.
Computer software- In order to access class lessons, students need the free downloadable software Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download it.
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Floral Improv ONLINE Supply List
©2016 Ellen  Lindner

Your class project will measure about 17″ x 27″ and can be either vertical or horizontal.

Background fabrics, 3-5, each about a fat eighth or fat quarter (18” x 11”, or 18” x 22”.)
Backing fabric, 19” x 29”
Batting, 19” x 29”
One strip of fusible web, 15” x 1 ½” (plus fusible web as needed for flowers,       stems, and leaves)
Black thread, plus threads to match background, flowers, and flower centers
General sewing supplies to include:  heat resistant straight pins, pencil, pen/marker, rotary  cutting tools (small okay), and temporary fabric marking pencils/pens for both light and  dark fabrics
Silicone/Teflon pressing sheet or parchment paper
Glue stick or other fabric glue

Poppy fabrics: at least ten coordinating pieces, each about 4” square.  Fabrics can   be repeated.
Daisy fabrics:  at least five coordinating pieces, each about 4” square.  Fabrics can be repeated.

Snap dragon fabrics: 1-3, each about 6” x 6” hand dyed or splotchy fabric

One stem and one leaf fabric, about 12″x 10″ for each.
Several scraps of fabrics that might work for flower centers. Include some very darks, and complementary/opposite colors of the flowers and background colors.

Sewing machine and presser foot suitable for free motion stitching.  A walking foot is optional, but helpful.

*Popular fusible web brands are Misty Fuse, Wonder Under, and Steam-A-Seam2. Read the package instructions for fusing details.

** Good stem and leaf fabric choices are lighter or darker versions of the background color.  (Not necessarily green!)