Photo Safari

When I need a break from my task list, I often grab my camera and head outside for a “photo safari.”  My goal is to notice the interesting things around me, perhaps in a new way.  I have fun photographing them, studying the compositions, zooming in and out, and moving my body to get interesting arrangements.  Later, I may spend some time cropping and editing on the computer.  By the time I’ve finished all this, I’ve had a very nice artistic break and I feel refreshed.

Recently, I headed for my neighbor’s yard and these are some of the things I noticed in her yard.  (Click on any image for a larger view.)

pink leaves close up 1

green and yellow leaf
white leaves 1

By the way, I tried this once in the produce section of my local grocery store.   It worked beautifully, but I made the stock boys quite nervous.

What interesting things can you find in your surroundings?

Ellen Lindner

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  1. Cheryl says:

    I enjoyed your photos – and I can see a quilt out of the first one!

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