Creative Play: Abstract Collages

When I first started my creative play, do you remember that I printed out four inspiration photos and then tore magazine pages to coordinate with each of them?  So, for these next two exercises I completely ignored the photos and used the pages only.  This worked well, since I had two color coordinated piles of papers.

Having recently watched Lesley Riley’s collage segment on Quilting Arts TV, I decided to emulate her style.  Sorta.  She starts with an interesting image and surrounds/backs it with wonderful fabrics and trims.  I found a focal point image from the magazine pages and gave it a shot.

Creative play with Ellen Lindner.

 Since my papers were often in little pieces, I wasn’t able to do the backing part.  That’s okay.  It was a creative exercise!  (BTW, these magazine pages were for the image with leaves and berries.)

Next, I decided to work with the shapes I found in the pages themselves.  This exercise was inspired by one I saw Pat Pauly do on Quilting Arts TV.  Ignoring color, I looked for shapes.  Once again, I used them to make a collage, gluing pieces to a small piece of cardboard.

Creative play with Ellen Lindner.

You can probably recognize paint can lids above.  how about the horizontal lines on the left?  They’re the legs of dining chairs.

I sketched the major design lines and got this:

Creative play with Ellen Lindner.

I thought that was worth playing with a bit more, so I experimented with value options on the computer.  I think this is pretty interesting.

Creative play with Ellen Lindner.

All this creative play was really getting my Adrenalin flowing.  And I wasn’t finished yet!

Ellen Lindner

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  1. Maeve says:

    I am looking forward to seeing what you did with this composition. Tearing up paper to collage is fun and interesting.

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