Crealde Opening

Last month two quilt exhibits opened at the Crealde School of Art, in Winter Park, FL.  They are The Sum of All Parts, which is a traveling exhibit, and Mid-Florida Quiltmakers, which includes my piece, “Caring.”

I’d never been to Crealde before.  Their exhibit space is not large, but the art was well-lit and the event was very festive.  The attendance was the best they’ve ever had for an opening and it was quickly standing room only.  (I took this photo when about 1/3 of the people had arrived.)

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Opening Night at Crealde School of Art.

The opening night festivities included presentations by the curators for both exhibits.  It was very interesting!  The Mid-Florida presentation included shots of my quilt in-progress, as well as a little about how I made the piece.  I felt like quite a celebrity!

And here it is: “Caring.”

Ellen Lindner with her piece "Caring" at Crealde School of Art.

I was especially glad to have this piece on display, since it’s hard to ship.  Therefore, I only get to show it in nearby venues.

Marketing tip:  When you attend an event which features one of your quilts wear a name tag showing that quilt.  It will automatically identify you as the artist and will be a great conversation starter.  (And if the venue provides you with another name tag just wear one on each side.)

There were many wonderful quilts on display.  This one was sort of the star, made by Martha Ginn:

Opening Night at Crealde School of Art. shadows were not as deep as they appear in these photos, but the interior of the room was unlit.  The only lights were on the art.)

The exhibit space shown above is only half of the exhibit. The remainder is in downtown Winter Park, at the Hannibal Square Heritage Center.

Both exhibits run through January 18th, 2016.  If you live in the area I strongly recommend a trip to see them AND to spend some time in delightful Winter Park.

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  Winter Park is a delightful little town with lots of shops and restaurants nestled among beautiful trees and landscaping.  Plus, it  has the Morse Museum, which features Tiffany glass, and there’s even a cool boat ride!

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  1. Genevieve Grundy says:

    I’m not a great message person, Ellen, but I love this piece and it’s message. Great work.
    Also like your name tag idea. Thanks.

  2. Diane says:

    Really like you piece. Was wondering if you have a close up photo of the turquoise quilt on the back wall….the one with the orange square in the middle. It looks pretty interesting from a distance.

  3. Sorry, Diane, but I never actually got too close to that quilt. (Too busy networking in front of my own.) It was part of the “Sum of Many Parts” exhibit, if you want to google it.

  4. Hi Gen,

    I seldom make narrative pieces, but this series was pretty neat to work on. It’s amazing how much you can convey with simple body language. Thanks for your compliments!

    That name tag trick comes in handy. I’ve got about 5 different ones stuffed in the same little plastic holder. I just switch them around as needed (or make a new one.) It’s great for starting conversations.

  5. Graciela says:

    Congratulations!! I can’t wait to see it in person. I am going to Florida for Thanksgiving, and I will be going to the show.


  6. Martha Ginn says:

    Ellen, thanks so much for photographing my quilt and sending the pic to me. My quilt, Rise and Shine, Inner City, has had a delightful traveling time–to six venues in China in 2013-2014 and now in the U.S. until 2016. It is a treat to get pictures from its travels, and I love seeing people enjoying the quilt.

  7. You’re welcome, Martha. Your quilt was very popular (which is why all my photos of it have people in them!)

    The lighting was much better than it appears in this photo. The quilts were well lit, but the interior of the room had no lights on, so it was very dramatic.

  8. ellen says:

    You’ll really enjoy it, Graciela.

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