Ellen Lindner’s Lecture and Workshop Fees

Lectures: $350 + expenses
Lectures are designed to be 1 hour long. They can be lengthened or shortened.

Workshops: 3hr: $350 + expenses, 6hr: $675
20 student maximum for classes, unless noted below
15 student maximum for these classes: Color, Design/Nature, Instant Art Quilt

Color Class workbook fee: $5
This includes a 3 ring binder and 20+ workbook pages.

Design/Nature kit fee: $5
This includes color photos and handouts

Double Reverse Applique kit fee: $5
This covers two patterns.

Expenses: travel*, meals enroute, meals and lodging at the venue.
*If driving: standard mileage rate (For reference, the 2015 rate = 57 1/2 cents per mile)
*If flying: Standard mileage to/from airport (see above,) airport parking, airfare, checked luggage fees.

Prices are based on driving times within two hours of Ellen’s home in Central Florida. Longer enroute times and overnight stays have additional fees.

To inqure about Ellen’s availability, use the Contact link at the bottom of the page.