Champagne Brunch and Tablescapes

When I was vending at EGAD in Bloom, a champagne brunch was held as part of the festivities.  I got to see the room afterward and it was clear that much fun was had!

The stage was set with a variety of designer tables around the perimeter of the room.  Some of them were functional, but others were purely whimsical.  Like my favorite one created by Steve Lomazzo and Donna Goff.  It went from floor to ceiling!

Click any image for a larger viewTablescape by Steve Lomazzo and Donna Goff

The table was covered in burlap with an old tire in the center.  Click the photo to notice all the other unexpected touches:  an oil can, a wrench as a utensil, old bottles, and vintage fabrics.  SO very creative! 

Tablescape by Steve Lomazzo and Donna Goff

 Steve is, among other things, an assemblage artist.  (He puts stuff together to make art.)  So, of course he had to make a mobile.  I didn’t recognize many of the suspended objects, but one of them is a hub cap!

Tablescape (moblie) by Steve Lomazzo and Donna Goff

After a performance by a jazz band, champagne (of course) and the brunch, it was time for the main entertainment.  Local florist extraordinaire, Link Johnsten, created six different tablescapes right in front of everyone.  The owner of Eau Gallie Florist, he can make some FAST and fabulous flower arrangements!  His first arrangement included cobalt blue vases, white flowers and other wonderful touches.  (Click to see.)

Tablescape #1 by Link Johnsten

 When he finished this table, things got REALLY interesting as painter Heather Everett stepped in.  She began to paint the tablescape above, while he continued making five more.  Awesome!

Of course, she didn’t have time to finish, but she really make excellent progress in the time allotted.  How cool is this?  (Still with very wet paint.) 

Painting by Heather Everett

 The tablescape below is intended for an anniversary couple.  The story Link told said the couple honeymooned in Aruba, which inspired the tropical motif and colors.  They have been married for 12 years, so there are 12 roses around the plate on the right.  The left plate features a Gerber daisy.  The kind you use for “He loves me, he loves me not.”  And sure enough, there are some plucked petals on the table.

Anniversary tablescape by Link Johnsten

Also on the daisy is a jeweled frog.  It’s meant to represent the decadent jewelry that the husband would present to his wife.  I love it!

Doesn’t this sound like a very fun and creative event?  I was very impressed.

Ellen Lindner

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Titusville, FL Spring Art Show

My quilt, Crisscross, is one of two that I’m entering in this weekend’s Titusville, FL art show.

Click any image for a larger viewCrisscross, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner,

The second one is High Ti:

High Ti, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner,

This will be the first time I’ve entered my work in a mixed media show, so I’m very curious to see how it will be received.  Fiber IS mentioned in one of the categories, so that’s encouraging.

This year’s venue is the Police Hall of Fame.  I understand that it’s a nice setting.  (AND, if you haven’t been to the space center in a while, you’ll find that the two are extremely close.  A good opportunity.)

April Q1 13,
Fri 2-8, Sat. 10-8, Sun. 10-3
American Police Hall of Fame
6350 Horizon Dr., Titusville, FL
FREE Admission to the show and the Hall of Fame
I’ll be there Sunday around 3.  Hope to see some of you, as well!
Ellen Lindner

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Revamping a Shirt

 There once was a shirt with lovely 3D organza flowers.

But, the organza DID NOT like  it’s visit to the dryer, so those lovely flowers turned into a tangled mess.

Click any image for a larger viewA ruined shirt, before it's worked on by Ellen Lindner.

 You get the idea.

Since only the embellishments were damaged, I thought I could do some sort of interesting rescue of this garment.  After removing the raggedy flowers, I began to consider options.  Maybe some hands stitching.  But what pattern/design?

Auditioing ideas for improvement.  Ellen Lindner,

 Eventually, I settled on this.  Simple black stitching in parallel lines.

After hand stitching by Ellen Lindner,

 The loop on one side plays up the skewed neckline.

After hand stitching, detail.  Ellen Lindner,

It’s very satisfying to rescue something like this.  I’ve even done it to quilts! 

What sorts of things have you made over?

Ellen Lindner
See the quilt extreme makeover here.

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EGAD in Bloom

 I was very happy with my first vending experience, at EGAD in Bloom.  It was definitely a LOT of work, but it was also a lot of fun. 

This photo shows my display.  The room was a little dark, but an overhead light happened to shine exactly on my two center quilts.

Click any image for  a larger view3g-EGAD-set-up

 I got MANY compliments on my work, and it was great fun to talk with everyone!

Things were quite busy most of the time, but I had enough slow periods to work on some new  little “Notes for a Friend”. 


 I thought it would be fun to include the passersby and they rose to the occasion.  This is the result of our Saturday efforts. (I managed to include every fabric piece they selected for me!  Even the shiny blue fabric chosen by a young boy.)


 And this was Sunday’s result.  I’m quite happy with both of them!


 I’m looking forward to adding machine and hand stitching.

I forgot to bring any sort of trash can, so just like at home, my tiny scraps landed on the floor. 


All in all, it was a rewarding weekend.

Ellen Lindner

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“Garden Party”

My latest fabric collage, Garden Party, is now complete.

Click any image for a larger view3f-Garden-Party-blog

Detail shot:3f-Garden-Party-detail

This was a really fun piece to make.  I roughly cut the flowers without trying to make them look like any particular species.  Then, I thought it needed some contrast, so I added the black curly-Q stitching and circles.  I like the effect! 

Garden Party will make its debut this weekend, when I’ll be vending at a Melbourne, FL flower and garden festival.  Pretty appropriate to the theme, don’t you think?

More info:  Garden Party, 14 x 21, $295. 
Blue skies and spunky flowers mark the start of a perfect garden party.
Cotton fabrics and batting.  Raw edge collage and machine stitching.
Audition this art in your home.

Ellen Lindner

See other quilts to be included in my weekend display

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Tags That Tell a Story

In preparation for my upcoming vending event, I’m making price tags for everything.  At first, I followed the typical exhibit-style wording, listing just dimensions and materials.  But then I thought “Is that what people really want to know?”  I asked myself the question, “If I were standing next to someone admiring this piece, what would I want to tell them about it?”  I realized it would probably be something about my inspiration, or some other anecdote.  So, I changed things up.

Here’s what the first version said:

High Ti
25 x 20

Cotton and silk fabrics, cotton batting. 
Raw edge collage, machine stitching.                              $345

Here’s the quilt:

And here’s the new and improved sign.  (Click for a larger view)

High Ti

Much more interesting, don’t you think?  (Actually, I wish more artists would use this sort of labeling.  I always want to know the back story.)

If you’re in the Melbourne, FL area this weekend, I hope you’ll come see this quilt (and me) in person.  You’ll find me at “EGAD in Bloom,” a flower and garden street festival.  My booth will be INSIDE the Eau Gallie Civic Center.

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  See more information about this quilt,   including a link to the inspiration photo and another to a detail shot.

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Prepping to be a Vendor

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know a lot of my art features Florida foliage.  So, I’ve been thinking I should look for opportunities to show my quilts to flower and plant loving audiences.  As a result, on March 29th and 30th I’ll be doing something completely new (for me:)  I’ll be a vendor at a street festival-style event!

Put on by the Eau Gallie Arts District, it’s called “EGAD in Bloom.”  Events include garden vendors, live music, street food, art vendors and speakers on everything from bee keeping to flower arranging.  And, this is critical for me, some of the vendors will be inside.  Just what I need.

Having never been a vendor before, I got to work figuring out how to arrange my 1o’ x 10′ space.  I pushed back the grill and other porch furniture and marked off the dimensions.  It seemed quite large before I started adding stuff!


 But, my various tables, easels and display rack quickly filled the space.  I did some experimenting as to which tables to use where, and came up with the arrangement below.  Except I think I’ll use my card table up front for my demo.

Click any image for a larger view3c-prep3

 Next, which quilts to hang where?  They all need to be foliage, colorful, and not too large.  Maybe these two on the right easel?




And these three on the left.
Update:  I’ve already nixed the bottom one, since it will be going to a show soon.  Better not sell it right now!


With some quilt changes here and there, the final arrangement will be pretty similar to this.


I have another nine small framed quilts to go on the table, along with postcards, and notecards.  After seeing everything together, I’m getting pretty psyched about the whole thing!

I have no idea whether I might sell quilts in such a venue, but the prices start at $59, so there’s hope.  At any rate, I expect to show my work to a lot of people, have many interesting conversations, and hand out some business cards.  Fun marketing, at the very least.

If you’re in the Melbourne, FL vicinity, I think you’ll enjoy this event.  Full details here.

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  See the full collection of quilts to be offered.  Any other small ones you want me to bring?

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A Necklace of Bobbins and Beads

At the quilt show a couple of weeks ago, I found a fabulous necklace, made with sewing machine bobbins and beads.  Cool!

Click any image for a larger view3e-bobbin-necklace-close

I bought it, thinking that it would be fun to wear when teaching.  And tried it out with my favorite aqua top.  A nice combo, I think.


And here I am wearing it the very next day.


Don’t you love cool finds like this?

By the way, I gave a slide show lecture on color, two days in a row, at the quilt show.  The first day there was standing room only!  And there was quite a crowd on the second day, as well.  What a nice reception!

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  I’d love to wear this necklace while teaching for your group.  Find information here. 

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C & T Publishing Book Sale

C & T Publishing has produced many of my favorite quilt books.  And now many of them are on sale – this weekend only – at ridiculous prices.

You definitely should check it out! 


I have owned (or still own) these books and I’ve enjoyed them: 
Fabric Journey, by Ruth McDowell.  (Only $2!)
Adventures in Design, by Joen Wolfrom
Inspired to Design, by Elizabeth Barton

You might also want to investigate these.  I’ve never owned them, but have either read them, or have heard good things about them:
Connecting Design to Stitch, by Sandra Meech
Fabric Art Collage, by Rebekah Meier
Fabulous Fabric Art with Lutradur, by Leslie Riley
Mickey Lawler’s SkyQuilts, by Mickey Lawler
Paula Nadelstern’s Kaleidoscope Quilts, by Paula Nadelstern
The Quilter’s Color Club, by Christine Barnes

Back to look again and see what I need to order!

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  What favorite quilt books do you recommend?  I’m a sucker for books!

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Quilt Show: Dolls and Ribbons

The art dolls at the recent Timeless Treasures quilt show were EXTRAORDINARY!  As a matter of fact, the word “doll” does most of them an injustice.  They’re more like fabric sculptures with  A LOT of attitude!

Just look at these two free-standing roosters, made by Vonda Frenes.  DO click on the image for a much better view.

Click on any image for a large view3b-Vonda-Frenes-roosters

And this doll by Gabriel DiTota.  She has twigs for legs!


Making these dolls looks like tons of fun, but I’m purposely resisting.  (I don’t have room to collect any more supplies!)

Several of my quilts won ribbons at the show.  Below, Mountain Meadow  won a blue ribbon in the Mixed Techniques category.  And After Much Consideration  won third place in the same category.  What fun!


Also, Crotons was awarded an  Honorable Mention in the Original Design Category.


It’s always great to get a little affirmation about your quilt making!

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  I had one more quilt in the show:  When Crotons Cut Loose

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