September 2017 Newsletter

Made using Ellen Lindner's Double Reverse Applique technique.
Want to make a pet portrait? You can easily do so after learning the Double Reverse Applique technique.
Although the class project is a killer apple, you’ll also learn how to make your own patterns.  You can make family portraits, pet portraits, or anything you like.  Just as Diane Hamburg did with this portrait of her Baxter.  Isn’t it great?

Class Starts Online September 8th
$29, 3 lessons
Not available for this class?  You might be interested in the downloadable eBook, instead.
New Work:  Spring Forth
While visiting Virginia in April, I took many photographs of the blooming Red Bud trees.  Once I got up close I noticed the blossoms popping right out of the trunk. What enthusiasm!  I knew I wanted to depict this with a quilt.
I started out fairly realistically, but decided to abstract the blossoms.  This was, in part, to add interest, but I also felt that it conveyed the energy and exuberance of the blossoms better.
Spring Forth, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.
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Nice Recognition
Yippee! My quilt, Lava to the Sea, just won an Award of Merit in the all-media art show where it’s currently on display. The juried show is called 100% Pure Florida and all the artists are Florida residents.
If you’re in Melbourne, FL you can see the exhibit at Fifth Avenue Art Gallery through September 30th. It’s a very nice show with a lot of variety. (I’ll write a blog post soon, so watch for photos.)


Soon, I’ll have quilts going to Asheville, NC and Houston, TX. See the “Art on Tour” link in the footer for more information.
Lava to the Sea, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.
"Circular Abstractions" Exhibit. Ellen Lindner,
By Kaci Kyler, Marks III

What’s New

Oh my, I’ve been having lots of artsy fun! First, a week at Quilting by the Lake, including a visit to an awesome quilt exhibit, then lots of experimentation and learning about abstract design. Check out my blog to see what I’ve been up to.
Enjoy the adventure!
Ellen Lindner

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