EBooks Available as Downloads

Woohoo!  I’m so delighted to finally have my eBooks available as immediate downloads.

One is called Personal Workshop: Adventures in Color.   

Adventures in Color e-book by Ellen Lindner. AdventureQuilter.com

It’s jam packed with information: 64 content pages, plus another 22 workbook pages.  As the name implies, it’s set up as a personal workshop. There are several pages of information and examples, followed by workbook assignments.  Exactly like I would teach it in a live class.  If you work through the exercises, you’ll MASTER most of the concepts.

See an excerpt here

At only $9.95, this book is a great bargain and an excellent resource.

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The second eBook is called Personal Workshop: Double Reverse Appliqué™.  

Double Reverse Applique e-book by Ellen Lindner. AdventureQuilter.com

Check out the killer project included in this book! This raw edged appliqué technique is extremely easy and accurate AND very popular with my students.  Again, the book is set up like a class with exercises.  It also includes a section on creating your own patterns.

See a gallery of Double Reverse Appliqué quilts

Only $9.95

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2 Responses to EBooks Available as Downloads

  1. marthaginn April 29, 2017 at 12:17 pm #

    Congratulations, Ellen! I know these represent lots of work (and of course skill up front).

  2. Ellen Lindner April 29, 2017 at 1:32 pm #

    Thanks, Martha! You’re always such a great encourager.

    I wrote these books quite some time ago and have been selling them when I teach and via my website. But, having the immediate download is something I’ve had on my list for a LONG time. So glad to have it done!

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