Indigo Results!

Wow!  Wait till you see these fabulous results from our dying day.

We began to get an idea of what lay ahead as Gabriele unfolded her pieces and hung them up.  Aren’t these awesome?

Indigo Results! Ellen Lindner,

Gabriele used colored fabric for some of her dying, like the yellow and blue one below.

Indigo Results! Ellen Lindner,

And check this one out! Me likey! Gabriele is very skilled with surface design and she put a lot of thought (and stitching) into her pieces.

Indigo Results! Ellen Lindner,

These pieces with the striped effect were pole wrapped and scrunched tightly.  These tight folds created a barrier to the dye.

Indigo Results! Ellen Lindner,

Pole wrapped

And here are some of my own wrapped and scrunched pieces. The subtle chevron pattern on the right occurred (accidentally) when I folded the corner of the fabric before wrapping it.

Indigo results! Ellen Lindner,

This was one folded and then held in place with clothes pins.  Didn’t they make a neat pattern?

Indigo results! Ellen Lindner,

And that’s not all.  I’ve got more fabrics in various colors to show you in the next post.  Loving it all!

Ellen Lindner


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  1. Ingrid Bischoff February 4, 2018 at 6:47 am #

    These are just beautiful, great job! Looking forward to seeing the rest! Keep sharing

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