Adventures in Color
6 hours, no sewing,  Kit fee 

Do you want to learn more about using color to enhance your quilts? Then this is the workshop for you. Using paper only, you’ll work through a series of exercises that will make you an expert by the end of the day! Along the way you’ll learn the answers to these questions and many more:
– Where can I get inspiration for quilt colors?
– How do you work a color wheel? Why is it useful?
– What goes with my favorite color? What would be a good accent color with it?
– Why don’t all these blues match?
– What is a neutral, and how do I choose one?
All skill levels. Maximum 20 students

Supply List

Learn about color with Ellen Lindner.

Sample Workbook Page: Warm Colors

Student Comment: You have done it now! I was in the vet office looking through a magazine and instead of looking at the pictures and articles all I could see were the colors!!! I wanted to tear out some of those pages so bad I couldn’t stand it! LOL
…I’m having a great time. Marcia

Learn about color with Ellen Lindner.

Nancy’s page of similar colors

faith's similar page

Faith’s page of similar colors

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