Grow with the Flow
6 hour class with sewing

Easy techniques and beautiful colors lead to this cute little sprout project.

– We’ll go with the flow and do some free rotary cutting for the background. SO easy and fast!
– Next, we’ll do some “Fussy Fusing” for the plant. It’s a technique for fusing lots of small pieces of fabric into one larger shape. Also easy and fast.
– Finally, you’ll learn how to finish your quilt with a facing.

A one day class with lots of “growth!” (Yes, pun intended.)

Supply List
Grow with the Flow Gallery

Class Requirements:

Sewing machine – with a walking foot, and capable of doing free motion sewing: lowered feed dogs and an appropriate presser foot
Sewing skills – Students must be comfortable with setting up their machines for both using a walking foot and free motion sewing.  Familiarity with both techniques is expected, although a high level of skill is not needed.

Max 20 students.  Want to schedule this class for your group?

Grow with the Flow class sample. Ellen Lindner,