Grow with the Flow
Online Class

Doesn’t this little sprout look like it’s swaying to the beat? I call it “Dancing with Delight” and it’s the sample project for this class.

It’s very fast and easy to make a quilt like this and you’ll learn some new techniques in the process. Choose your favorite colors and get ready to learn!

We’ll go with the flow and do some free rotary cutting for the background. SO easy and fast! And we’ll do some “Fussy Fusing” for the plant. It’s a technique for fusing lots of small pieces of fabric into one larger shape. Also easy and fast. Finally, you’ll learn how to face your quilts. One of my favorite techniques.

This class will be fun and easy with lots of “growth.” (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.)

3 Lessons, $29
March 31, 2017


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Learn to make this quilt in an online class with Ellen Lindner.