California Dreaming

We had a wonderful visit to Santa Barbara for my niece’s wedding.

Amy in windowsill

Doesn’t she look great?  She and the groom were very relaxed and happy.  It was a very fun event!

The next day, my sister-in-law and I headed off for a few days of exploring.  Having never been in the area before, we found the scenery mesmerizing!  (I was driving and the views were really distracting.)

We didn’t take that many pictures, but I think we got some of the highlights:

Hearst Castle

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A beautiful view of the ocean scenery

Great view

Can you believe that water color?  I live on the east coast and our water is NOT that beautiful teal.

Sea Lions in San Francisco

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Redwoods in Muir Woods

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And, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge (on a cloudy morning.)

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Everyone likes to get their picture taken with the bridge.

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I mean EVERYONE likes to get their picture taken with the bridge.

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It was a great trip with family fun, extraordinary scenery, and interesting activities.

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  As part of revamping my blog I’ve dramatically increased the size of the images.  What do you think?  Do you like them or do they load too slowly?


Blog Revamped!

Woohoo!  My website and blog are finally revamped!  You’ll notice the new look, but one of the coolest features is almost invisible:  the pages are “responsive.”  That means they know what size device they’re being read on and they automatically modify themselves accordingly.  It’s way more than just shrinking the content.  The software actually rearranges items to fit the device.  Like magic!

This image gives you an idea.  It shows what the website home page looks like on both my laptop and my phone.

Ellen Lindner.

Can you see how the text has moved and the navigation bar has condensed in the smaller version?

I’ve learned a lot about responsive software in the process of updating everything.  One thing new to me was a symbol called a hamburger.  There’s an arrow pointing to it in the image below. (It does kinda look like a hamburger, doesn’t it?)  This symbol indicates navigation options (although it won’t always say that.)


Want to see how a responsive page works?  If you’re reading this on a laptop all you have to do is shrink the page from left to right.  You’ll see things move themselves automatically.  Or, read any web page on two different devices to notice the differences.  It’s pretty cool, but I think I’ve bored you enough with technology.  My next post will focus, once again, on art, creativity, and other visual treats!

Ellen Lindner

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