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“Daydream” Complete

My latest piece, Daydream, is now complete.

Daydream, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.

And here’s a detail shot.

Daydream - detail, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.

I think the colors are maybe slightly truer in the detail image, since the squares are mostly orange, rather than rust.

I’m kinda in love with this piece!  It’s now one of my favorites.

I encountered  several obstacles along the path to completion.  These included cutting off a corner, and enlarging it with additional batting TWICE.  It wasn’t a straight line journey, but I think it was well worth it.

You’ll find purchase info and other details here.

Ellen Lindner


Loosen Up with Torn Paper Collage

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that I like to interpret foliage and scenery around me.  The problem is that my literal brain wants to depict my photos exactly as they are.  But, I know my quilts will be more interesting if I can put my own personal spin on things.

So, usually, I have to make a realistic sketch, just to satisfy my brain, and then I can get on to something more creative.  Maybe a sketch, or a torn paper collage.

Loosen Up with Torn Paper Collage. Ellen Lindner,

A torn paper collage is a great way to interpret a photo loosely because you CAN’T accurately depict the details.  Just what my left brain needs!

Loosen Up with Torn Paper Collage. Ellen Lindner,

The resulting collage can serve as a sketch for a finished quilt, or just as a creative exercise.

Loosen Up with Torn Paper Collage. Ellen Lindner,

I’ve just added a full article about this technique to my website.  It includes lots of in-progress photos and tips.  Check it out and try it yourself.

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  One more example on my old blog.


Resizing and Redesigning

What size do you usually make your quilts?  Do you tend to make them similar (or identical) sizes?

I have some favorite sizes, but as I’ve recently been playing with abstract pieces, I haven’t been giving it much thought.  Just experimenting.

I made this piece and planned to enter it in a juried show.  I finished it all the way to trimming it.  And only then realized it wasn’t big enough for the intended show!

I Whacked off a Corner. Ellen Lindner,


I quickly set it aside and made a new piece that was big enough.

Meanwhile, I had been thinking about making a series of these abstract pieces, repeating the colors and motifs for continuity.  At this point I was thinking, “Well, this one just won’t be part of the series.”  But, when I showed both pieces to my art quilt buddies, they said “Why not enlarge it?”  Hmm.  That idea had merit.

Here’s the size difference:

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

Since the quilt was not yet faced, I could add additional batting and continue on.  I decided to give it a go.

After adding the needed batting, I came up with a loose plan.  I’d extend the top shape, finish the flower, and add some more orange rectangles.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

First, I completed the teal shape and the background.  I quilted those areas at this point, so I wouldn’t have to dodge the flower and squares I’d be adding later.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

Then, I added a little yellow and finished the flower.  The top right petal got sorta lost, so I’ll have to think about how to improve the contrast in that area.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

Next, I added more orange squares.  I like them a lot.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

As you can see, I was also auditioning the idea of adding some orange near the top.  Cuz it seemed like it needed something else up there.

With that in mind, I came up with the idea of a “ghost” flower in the top left corner.  I auditioned the idea on my computer, using an earlier photo.  I really liked this a lot!  But, how would I do it?

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

Maybe I should make a sheer flower.  Perhaps with tulle?

I auditioned the idea with 2 layers on a scrap.  It showed up on the rust fabrics, but not the blue-green ones.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

Still, while I was experimenting, I tried one more thing.  I wanted a rather splotchy, imperfect flower, so I wondered if I could melt the tulle for an irregular effect.

Uh, no.  The tulle melted in the middle, but left two channels of undamaged tulle along the side stitch lines.  Not the look I was after.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

So, I decided to do it with lighter fabrics, cut into little jagged blobs.  Here’s my first attempt.

Resizing, Redesigning. Ellen Lindner,

My idea worked, but it didn’t show up well enough.  I’ll have to try again with lighter fabrics.  And maybe enlarge the ghost flower while I’m at it.

After that, I’ll  have to experiment with some additional orange and also see if I can make the flower petals show up better.  One thing ALWAYS leads to another.

Ellen Lindner


An Abundance of Apples in West Palm Beach

The ladies from Palm Beach County Quilters’ Guild made excellent progress on their apple projects during a recent Double Reverse Applique class.

Linda was all smiles about her results.

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

At the end of the day Barbara’s was complete, except for the stem.Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

Lorna was the first to finish.  We all thought her bottom fabric did a nice job of implying a table cloth.

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

Guild president, Lynn, was delighted to finish something in class.

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

Maggie left her shadow blank, initially.   But, when I saw her the next day, she’d changed it to black and was very happy with it.

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

Marilyn was one of the bravest in class, since she was VERY new to free motion stitching!  Didn’t she do a great job?

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

We all loved Nancy’s green apple, (which she had completely quilted and faced by the next morning.)

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

I love it when students put their own spin on things.  Nancy did just that by adding a little critter to her apple.  Can you see him?

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

Yvonne was WAY out of her comfort zone, since she normally does needle-turn applique.  This class utilizes raw edge collage, so it was completely new to her!  It didn’t faze her though, as you can see.

Double Reverse Applique class with Ellen Lindner.

This is a fun, fast, and accurate technique.  And one that’s always fun to teach!

Ellen Lindner
P.S.  Check out my ebook with all the content of this class.  And a gallery of Double Reverse Applique quilts.  (NOT all apples.)


Hurricane Matthew

Nothing like a major hurricane to interrupt blog posting!  By late Wednesday, October 5th, Matthew was predicted to be a category 4 and was heading straight for Melbourne, FL, where I live!


We finally decided to evacuate, and began to pack.  You don’t need a lot when you flee a hurricane: your personal items, medications and medical records, home owners insurance policy, computer hard drives, chargers, passwords, and maybe some entertainment.

I decided not to take any quilts.  I knew I could make them all again.  But, I was concerned about our family photo albums.  Not wanting to lug them with us, I put them in a water tight area, the dryer.  We also lifted a few things off the floor, like the abundance of quilts I store under my son’s bed.

Dodging hurricane Matthew

Since we didn’t decide to evacuate until very late in the game, there were no hotel rooms available.  Instead, we went to a nearby shelter early on the 6th.  It turned out to be a very good option.  Of course, that did require quite a bit of additional packing: sleeping bags, air mattresses, and camping chairs.

This was our home away from home, where we spent the next 24 hours.


It was very well organized and not a bad way to weather the storm.  We shared an elementary school classroom with a total of 12 people.  Everyone was nice and we got along well.  Every room had a bathroom, additional sink, and water fountain.  Plus a TV for the REQUIRED weather watching.  And WIFI!

The Red Cross fed us, which was a pleasant surprise.  Meals were the “main event,” (even though the food was only fair.)  I’m NOT complaining!  There were about 1100 people in our shelter, so the line was always long.  No worries, though.  We generally talked with the people around us.

Dodging hurricane Matthew

There was lots of storm noise during the night, when Matthew came its closest at about 3 AM.  THANKFULLY, for us, it stayed just off shore, so local damage was not nearly as bad as expected.  Still, the wind and rain managed to blow under the doors of the school.

Dodging hurricane Matthew

The next morning, we packed up quickly, and hurried home to find our home UNDAMAGED.  Woohoo!  We fired up the generator and sat around in front of fans until our power started again mid-afternoon.  All in all, an amazingly trauma free event.

BIG KUDOS to the staff of Meadowlane Intermediate and to the Brevard County Emergency Management Preparedness  Folks!  Preparations were wonderful, our needs were met, and everyone was kept safe.

Thankful to be living in the well-prepared Sunshine State,
Ellen Lindner

P.S.  Did you notice the Goldilocks look to our sleeping set up?  I was the “baby bear” since I’m quite short.  Still, it was pretty comfortable for all of us.


“Second Thoughts” Complete

Finally, here is Second Thoughts, complete.  I had a lot of fun working on it and I’m quite happy with the results.

Second Thoughts, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.

Did you notice I turned it upside down?  That was just the jolt it needed.

Here’s a detail shot.

Second Thoughts, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner.

Notice that I added subtle squares in the background.  I love little things like that which you can only appreciate after studying it closely.

The statement for this piece says:

When designing, my first thoughts get me started. But, as things evolve, I listen to my second (and third and fourth) thoughts to lead me in new directions.

This quilt is 36″ x 24″ and priced at $895.  I hope you like it!

Ellen Lindner