Suzanne Sanger’s Work

Back in October, I wrote about creating torn paper collages in order to loosen up and to work more abstractly.  Like this:

Original photo
Ti Plants inspiration photo. Ellen Lindner,

Torn paper collage
Because the paper is torn, you can’t be too accurate, so you
HAVE to focus on the largest shapes.
Ti plants torn paper collage. Ellen Lindner,

The fabric interpretation, Ti Party.
Ti Party, an art quilt by Ellen Lindner. AdventureQuilter.comOne of my readers, Suzanne Sanger, decided to give it a try and was kind enough to share her results with me (and with you.)

Her original photo, taken in Bermuda
Suzanne Sanger's Work. Ellen Lindner,
The paper collage, with part of the original photo overlapping.
Suzanne Sanger's Work. Ellen Lindner,
And, her final quilt, called Dozing in Bermuda.

Suzanne Sanger's Work. Ellen Lindner,

I think it’s great.  And don’t you love the way she’s matted and framed it?

Suzanne says, “I want to thank you for inspiring me! Like you, I’ve been challenging myself to work more abstractly, and have dabbled with a range from just barely to totally non representational. Your blog post from last October about torn paper collage sent me right into the studio to tear up the only magazine I had in order to recreate a photo I took in Bermuda a few years ago. Then I did my semi-annual house switch, life intervened, I took a great abstraction class from Lisa Call, all the while leaving my torn paper start hanging on my design wall. Now I’ve switched back to my summer house, and needed a project to get myself back into the studio. Ah hah! It was time to return to my dozing man. He’s a bit more realistic than I would like, but still a move in the right direction. I LOVE this process! Hmmm. I guess I’ll have to subscribe to an image heavy magazine again, pain though that is what with changing mailing addresses twice a year. LOL. Anyway, thanks for a great idea! You always give me new things to think about.”

I love this!  So much so that it makes me want to reach for my magazines again, too. It’s a FUN way to work!

Ellen Lindner



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3 Responses to Suzanne Sanger’s Work

  1. Kristin F June 12, 2017 at 9:42 am #

    I love the results of this technique – both yours and hers! I will have to try this.

  2. Ellen Lindner June 29, 2017 at 10:37 pm #

    Yes, Kristin. It’s fun, but also VERY helpful in abstracting an image.

  3. marthaginn July 1, 2017 at 1:15 pm #

    Although I had seen some of the “Growth” pictures, I enjoyed going through all again. What a talented group of artists are represented. Thanks for photographing and describing; I know managing our photos can be a big job–like homework after attending something in order to share it with us.

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