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First, the Background

Before I tell you about my design decisions, perhaps it would be helpful if you knew a little about the technical aspects of my process.  Construction starts on a design wall.  This is housing insulation covered with felt.  I pin up a piece of white background fabric, as a base.  Then, I begin to pin […]

Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists Exhibit Coming!

The annual exhibit showcasing my local fiber art group starts in just a few days, and we’re getting very excited!  If you’re in Melbourne, FL during the month of October, I hope you’ll get a chance to stop by.  Here are the details: Fiber Art Exhibit: Dirty Dozen Exposed! 2009 6th annual exhibit  From October 2nd […]

Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson

Check out this awesome image: Isn’t it fantastic?  It’s the work of paper collage artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson.  I was introduced to Elizabeth’s work several years ago, and I’ve been an admirer ever since. Elizabeth recently had a show in a local gallery, so I suggested a meeting.  She must be brave, because we met for […]

Sketching with My Computer

I’ve finally learned enough Photoshop Elements to use it as a design tool.  (Which is to say I can eventually figure things out, with the help of a good tutorial book.) I put those skills to work in creating the composition for my latest piece which features Black Eyed Susans.  First, I isolated several of the flowers, […]

“Rooted in Tradition,” an Exhibit of Art Quilts

Recently, I visisted the “Rooted in Traditions: Art Quilts from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum” exhibit, in Vero Beach, FL.  It was my second visit and I enjoyed it as much as the first. The exhibit shows art quilts from the 1970s (or 80s?) forward, sort of an explanation or retrospective of art quilts.  Quite a […]

Poet-Artist Collaboration

As part of the upcoming Transformations art exhibit, I’ve been paired with poet Marcia Denius.  The idea is for us to share our work with one another, get to know one another, and allow the experience to influence new creations.  This is being loosely termed collaboration, but we’re not actually working on one another’s pieces. […]

But Why is the Floor Yellow?

I’ve been busy.   Busy cutting and placing fabric for my current collage.   As you can see, I’m using a wide variety of yellow fabrics.  Using a collage technique means that I cut various shapes for my compositions.  That creates SCRAPS!  I only keep those that are bigger than my fist, but I have several friends who […]

Drawing Class Wrap Up

Finally, we added white charcoal to our tools and learned about shading to create a sense of form or shape.  (Yeah, using boxes AGAIN!)  As we had done earlier, our instructor had us create quick thumbnail sketches of compositions that we found interesting.  (Click for a larger image.) To her credit, she encouraged us to […]

Back to the Drawing Class

Earlier, I showed you some of the gesture sketches I did in my summer drawing class.  (July 28 and forward.) After LOTS of gesture sketches, we finally moved to contour drawing.  That is, accurately drawing the edges, or shape, of an item.  Since this was much more realistic, my classmates and I also found it to be […]

“Sticky Fingers” Glued Collage Finished

I had fun finishing up the sample for “Sticky Fingers,” my upcoming glued collage class.  In the photo below, I was working on adding a simple cruciform shape to the background. When I was happy with the front, (and after it dried,) I flipped it over and finished the sides and back. This is the […]