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More Grow with the Flow Quilts

EVERY one of the 19 women in my first “Grow with the Flow” class completed the bulk of her quilt in class.  (With just the facing remaining for home work.) All the students worked with the same pattern, but because they chose different fabrics, there was a great variety in the room.  Even when the […]

Merry Christmas

May you and your family enjoy all the festivities and joy of the season. Merry Christmas from my family to yours! Ellen Lindner

Grow with the Flow Results

Drum roll please.  Check out the fantastic quilts my students made in my first “Grow with the Flow” class. Click any image for a larger view   Aren’t they cool?  These are completely stitched at the end of a six-hour class.  I was so proud of them! But wait.  There’s more.  I have a bunch more […]

Grow with the Flow Debut Class a Hit

Nineteen women took my first “Grow with the Flow” class, and boy did we have fun! First, I showed them how to create the background composition.  Because they arrived with their fabrics arranged by value, this went very quickly. Click any image for a larger view Little strips of “zippy” fabrics were added as accents. […]

Gift Wrap and Other Christmas Blessings

As I was wrapping gifts today, I came across a somewhat nostalgic scrap.  It was left over from a particularly stressful Christmas a few years ago.  That year, I decided to make the best of our circumstances, and to look for small blessings at every turn.  So, I decided to buy the most absolutely gorgeous […]

“Carefree” Complete

My latest quilt, Carefree, is now complete, and I’m VERY happy with it! Click any image for a larger view I’ve heard it said that your favorite quilt is your most recent one, and that’s definitely true for me with this quilt.  For me, some of the appeal is the subject:  my son and two […]

What Color is Skin?

As I studied the inspiration photo for my current quilt, I realized that caucasian skin is WAY more diverse than just tan!  As a matter of fact, since the people in my quilt are backlit, their skin looks pretty dark. Click on any image for a larger view After increasing the contrast, this was even more […]

Deconstructed Screen Printing

Do you know about deconstructed screen printing?  Well, it’s a little hard to explain.  Basically, you apply thickened dye, in a random design, to a screen and let it dry.  (Yes, let it dry.)  Then, you print with a release agent.  It picks up the color from the screen in a variety of unexpected ways […]

How Much Purple?

Although the middle shirt in the inspiration photo was aqua, I decided to change it to red-violet (red-purple.)  I chose this because it’s the complementary color the yellow-green of the background. This was my first attempt. Click any image for a larger view Definitely too bright.  How about a duller purple?  I auditioned a different […]

Collaged Hair and Such

In my last post, I showed you the large digitally printed fabric that I’m currently working on.  Since the image was somewhat pixelated – which I expected – I decided I needed to at least partially collage the people. I started with the hair, thinking that maybe it was all I needed. Click any image […]