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Revamping a Shirt

 There once was a shirt with lovely 3D organza flowers. But, the organza DID NOT like  it’s visit to the dryer, so those lovely flowers turned into a tangled mess. Click any image for a larger view  You get the idea. Since only the embellishments were damaged, I thought I could do some sort of […]

Transformations: The book and poetry

The Transformations exhibit paired poets and visual artists for a unique collaboration.  “My poet,” Marcia Denius was a delight to work with. At our first lunch meeting we had lunch outside on a cloudy day.  We used the clouds as an example as we discussed how both poetry and visual art might be inspired by […]

Transformations Opening

Opening night of the Transformations exhibit was very exciting!  The 12 art pieces and 12 poems nicely filled the small gallery at the Brevard Art Museum, in Melbourne, FL. I took these photos around the room before the crowds arrived: Click any image for a larger view L-R: George Snyder, Steve Lomazzo, Jini James, Jerry […]

Professional Head Shots

I’m part of an upcoming exhibit, which will include a book.  How exciting!  However, the book calls for a professional head shot of each of the 24 artists.  Since many of us didn’t have one, the organizers set up a group photography session. Gee that was fun!  Artists were encouraged to bring props appropriate to their […]

“Natural Progression” Complete!

Here’s the final piece, with stitching added.  The stitching does three things: – It structurally holds everything together. – It adds texture. – When a constrasting thread is used, it adds a visual line that becomes a design element.  The petals are an example of this last item.  I used dark brown thread to add […]

Nearly There

Next, I decided on the size and placement of the seed heads.  And, I pinned down (literally) the flower centers. Finally, it was time to add stems. Then, on to some much needed shading (below.)  This helped create definition between the petals.  (Compare the before image above, and the after, below.) To create the shading I used […]

Flower Buds

Since I wanted to show all the stages of these flowers, I needed to add in a few buds.  (I left the seed heads alone for a little while longer.) At this point, the two small buds (near center top) gained an unexpected 3D effect.  Since the petals were not stitched down yet, they flared […]

More Flowers Appearing

20Hmm. Yeah, that last flower (on the right) was a little too large.  Although it looked fine, I knew that it would crowd the rest of the composition, causing the flowers to overlap too much. That would make it harder to tell them apart, and I’d lose the nice contrast with the background.  So, I […]

Back to my Latest Piece

(If you want to see where this all began, start here.) After constructing the first flower, I worked on the second one, in the same fashion. Again, I delayed adding the dark center,.  However, I folded some dark fabric and pinned it in place, just to get the proper effect.  Hey, looking good! At this point, […]

Poet-Artist Collaboration

As part of the upcoming Transformations art exhibit, I’ve been paired with poet Marcia Denius.  The idea is for us to share our work with one another, get to know one another, and allow the experience to influence new creations.  This is being loosely termed collaboration, but we’re not actually working on one another’s pieces. […]