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“Dancing Toward the Sun”

Here’s my latest quilt, “Dancing Toward the Sun.”  I’m quite happy with it. Click on any image for a much larger view I love the personality of the piece.  To me, the little sprout is moving and grooving as it basks in the warm rays of the sun.  You can see that, right? In addition to being […]

Black and White and Fused All Over: Part Two

After experimenting with a new fusing technique, I was ready to try it on my quilt. Click any image for a larger view After drawing the needed shapes on paper backed fusible webbing, I began to place and fuse small pieces of black and white fabrics. Then, I could place the larger shapes on my […]

Black and White and Fused All Over: Part One

After completing the background for a recent quilt, I was ready to tackle the primary motif.  I had decided to compose it with a wide variety of small black and white fabrics.  The question was how to best manage that. Click any image for a larger view I had seen something online about creating a large […]

In a Different Style

After completing my last quilt, I didn’t have a strong idea about what I’d like to do next.  So, I pulled out my old sketch book, in search of inspiration.  I found it in this little sketch.  This stylized plant is pretty different my usual style, which I thought would make it fun. Click any […]

Working Loosely with Paper Collages

In my class, “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” I show my students about making paper collages as a way to interpret a photo loosely.  I was introduced to this by Cherilyn Martin, and I’ve used it several times.  It’s a fun and easy project, and it there’s NO WAY to be overly exact with it.  Just […]

Piecing Batting Together

Well, it finally happened.  I ran out of batting at an inconvenient time.  Running to the quilt shop wasn’t an option, but I remembered hearing about piecing batting together.  So, I decided to give it a try. First, I overlapped the two batting pieces and cut them both with a curvy line.  My hope was that […]

Notes for a Friend #16 & 17

Here are the Notes for a Friend, #16 and #17.  These are part of the group that started life as an ugly quilt. Note #16, shown on black background Detail.  Click for larger view Note #17, Detail.  Click for larger view These small pieces are a BIG improvement over the original quilt! Find purchase information […]

Notes for a Friend #14-15

Some months ago, I cut up an unsuccessful quilt and used the pieces as the starting points for another set of Notes for a Friend.  These are the first two resulting quilts. #14, photographed against black: #Detail. Click to enlarge #15.  Click to enlarge Detail I especially like mounting these tiny quilts on framed glass. I’ll […]