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Door County, Wisconsin

When I told my husband about all the fun things my mom and sister and I would be doing in Door county, WI, he started calling it “Bore county.”  I guess visiting art galleries, cool boutiques, and antique shops, while enjoying beautifully scenery and weather just didn’t appeal to him.  But, it sure did to […]

The Fear of Black Thread – and How to Overcome It

I often use black thread to add definition to my quilt designs.   Especially on the petals of flowers. Click any image for a larger view Blessings Underfoot – detail Of course, when I suggest dark thread to my students they’re, understandably, reluctant to try it.  So, I’ve developed a way for them to audition the idea.  The […]

Developing a New Class

I’m working on a new class, to be called Floral Improv.  In it, I’ll show several different ways to make flowers without a pattern. Click any image for a larger view Can you tell what type of flower this will become? Right, a snap dragon.  If you imagine it turned 90 degrees, you can almost […]

Slavery in Louisiana

While touring Oak Alley, we also got to see replicas of slave cabins and to learn a little bit about the life of slaves. I didn’t realize that a hierarchy existed among the slaves.  House slaves had better clothing, which I expected, but they also had better quarters.  This photo shows the bed included in the […]

A Happy Little Card

My sister has just retired and I made her a pretty little card as part of the celebration.  I had some painted heavy paper from an earlier play session, and some vintage lace.  Little cuts from the lace created a simple garden scene. Click any image for a larger view The card needed a little […]

THAT Plantation

If you’ve ever googled “southern plantation” you’ve probably seen an image of Oak Alley.  It is the quintessential plantation with, as the name implies, a long approach path with 300 year old oaks lining both sides.  It’s all quite majestic! Here’s the distant view, in which the oaks nearly obliterate the view of the  home.  This would be […]

Images of New Orleans

What city has jazz music, fantastic food, above-ground cemeteries, Spanish architecture*, huge mardi gras celebration, and evidence of a hurricane?  Why, New Orleans, of course!  There are so many things unique to this city, and that is much of why it’s so interesting. Let’s start our tour with some iconic images. (Click any image for a […]