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Improvisational Piecing – Putting it Together

After making 11 blocks with improvisational piecing, I began to arrange them on the design wall. I knew I could spend ALL DAY rearranging them, so I simplified my process by deciding to: – Put the bright yellow-orange pieces near the center, since I thought they’d attract attention. – Arrange pieces according to their fit. This is […]

Improvisational Piecing – Getting Started

In the midst of my creative play I stumbled upon improvisational piecing.  I haven’t pieced a quilt in about 15 years, but this really looked like fun!  The appeal comes from the concept of no measuring and no pins.  My kind of sewing!  It’s fast and the results are very interesting. You can google improvisational […]

Creative Play: Photo to Abstract

In my last creative exercise, I once again took inspiration from Pat Pauly and used one of her techniques for creating an abstract design from a photo. First, I cropped one of my printed photos down to 7.5 x 10. I was aiming for something that was divisible by 2.5, so I could cut it […]

Art Quilts Revealed

I’m really excited about an upcoming event in Melbourne, FL.  It’s called “Art Quilts Revealed” and it will be presented/hosted by my small art group, the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists.  We’ll have lots of quilts on display, explanations of many of our techniques, and demos every half hour. It will be  held in Art More […]

Creative Play: Abstract Collages

When I first started my creative play, do you remember that I printed out four inspiration photos and then tore magazine pages to coordinate with each of them?  So, for these next two exercises I completely ignored the photos and used the pages only.  This worked well, since I had two color coordinated piles of papers. Having […]

Creative Play: Mail Boxes

Continuing with my creative play, I started working with my photograph of farm mail boxes. It seems that I always need to start with something very literal .  True to form, I first sketched the mail boxes. That wasn’t very exciting, but it did make me think of some other mail box photos I had.  (Remember, […]

Creative Play: Torn Paper Collage

Do you ever need a creative jump start?  I do.  Especially when I’ve been doing lots of black and white, non-creative, tasks.  Finding myself in this situation, I recently set aside a week for creative play.  In my free time, I vowed to avoid all sewing ofhanging sleeves, labels, hems, etc.  My time in my […]

Making Labels

After last month’s post about finishing tasks, I got several requests for a post about my label-making process.  So here goes. I print my labels onto fabric using my home printer.  The first thing to think about is how to ensure the ink is permanent.  There are several options: – Prepared paper-backed fabric sheets.  I’ve used […]

St. Petersburg, Russia

As part of revamping my website, I’m moving travel articles to this blog.  This one was published in 2007. What’s more iconic than the ornate exteriors of Russian churches?  These spires are part of the Church on the Spilt Blood, which is Russian Orthodox. The interior is just as magnificent, with a soaring ceiling. Petrahof, the […]

More Notes for a Friend

Here are the other four “Notes for a Friend” I made by cutting up a completed quilt.  These are #19-22. #19 #20 #21 #22 These were a lot of fun to do, and I like them MUCH better than the original quilt! Which note is your favorite? Ellen Lindner P.S.  See the entire “Notes for […]