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Disappearing Ink and Other New Tricks

I’m loving some of my new tools.  I learned about a couple of these while teaching in Colorado.  (Are tools regional?) The scissors have micro tips.  Boy are they sharp!  Right down to the very tip of the blade.  I’ve been using them to trim “hairy” collages, right on the surface of the quilt.  Which […]

Hand Stitching Added

I think hand stitching really brings these little “notes” to life.  With each one, I’ve added any of the group colors that are missing. I made the lines a little too long on this first one, and they floated away from the fabric.  So, I couched the middle of each one with a contrasting thread.  I […]

King Center Photos

A brief view of the current exhibit at the King Center for Performing Arts.  All created by members of the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists group.  The two foreground pieces are my own:  “Security,” and “Caring.”  On the back wall, I can see a piece by Jill Brown. The exhibit continues through February 4th.  Hope you […]

But It Looked Good In-Progress

Have you ever made a quilt that you liked more as you worked on it than after it was nicely finished?  I’ve done this enough times that I’ve finally learned how to deal with it.  The issue is one of composition and proportion, and it’s especially dramatic with small pieces.  When creating a collage, I […]

Green Notes

No, not money.  More small collages in my “Notes for a Friend” series.  I’m now working on three new green collages, with accents of fuschia, etc. After making the first three red ones, I thought maybe I could do a sort of assembly line process with these next three.  Wrong!  There’s absolutely no substitution for […]

Fiber Art on Display in Melbourne, FL

  My local fiber art group, Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists,  has an exhibit currently on display at the King Center for Performing Arts.  This is a lovely venue, and we’re excited to show our work there. Unfortunately, you can only see the exhibit if you’re attending an event at the center.  I hope you get […]

Note for a Friend #3

You’d probably be surprised by how long it takes me to compose one of these small collages.  I’m working with scraps only, so that limits my selection.  (Which is probably a good thing.)  Even so, it takes quite of bit of fiddling and good ole trial and error to get a mostly monochromatic design that’s […]

Note for a Friend #2

I’ve been having lots of fun working on these small (5 x 7) collages.  After composing the second one, I began to select threads for hand embroidery.  This photo gives an idea of my lively palette.  LOVE these strong colors! And here’s the final product.  (Click for a larger view.) Ellen Lindner