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“A Garden for Peggy”

Way back on May 6th, I showed you the design process for a new small quilt.  After completing the design and the background, I was ready to work on the flowers.  Referencing my photo and my sketch, I placed the two flower centers.  But, as you can see, they’re not brown/black anymore.  I switched them […]

Commission Quilt Finished!

Woohoo!  My commission quilt is finished, and I’m quite happy with it. Click any image for a larger view I wanted an upbeat title for this piece and decided to call it Blessings Underfoot. Here’s a detail image. I hope this quilt will bring a lot of joy to those who see it at Nemours Children’s Hospital.  A […]

Winding Down on Floral Commission Quilt

Well, I decided on purples centers for these “black” eyed susans.  Then, I tackled the quilting.  As usual, I outlined the petals with two very imperfect rows of black stitching.  It really helps define the floral shapes.  Other areas were quilted with matching thread. Click on any image for a larager view My photos of these […]

Floral Commission: Making Progress

 I’m continuing to make progress with this second “Black Eyed” Susan quilt.  Click any image for a larger view In the previous photo, I’ve added the second flower.  It’s supposed to tilt away from the viewer, but that wasn’t too obvious at this point.  However, once I added the last petal and loosely added some fabric […]

Continuing with Black (?) Eyed Susans Quilt

After selecting the fabrics for this quilt, I was ready to create the background.  Since it was meant to represent busy grasses and foliage, I knew that a variety of patterned green fabrics would do the trick.   I often include a few plaid fabrics in the mix, being careful to tilt them a little.  I also […]

A New Commission!

I’m delighted to have recieved a commission to create artwork for Nemours Children’s Hospital, in Orland0, FL!  The client wanted to purchase this piece, Natural Progression: Click any image to enlarge However, this piece has sold, so I’ve been requested to make something similar.  Having not worked with an Art Design Service, before, I was […]

Transformations: The book and poetry

The Transformations exhibit paired poets and visual artists for a unique collaboration.  “My poet,” Marcia Denius was a delight to work with. At our first lunch meeting we had lunch outside on a cloudy day.  We used the clouds as an example as we discussed how both poetry and visual art might be inspired by […]

Transformations Opening

Opening night of the Transformations exhibit was very exciting!  The 12 art pieces and 12 poems nicely filled the small gallery at the Brevard Art Museum, in Melbourne, FL. I took these photos around the room before the crowds arrived: Click any image for a larger view L-R: George Snyder, Steve Lomazzo, Jini James, Jerry […]

Breaking News – Melbourne, FL Demo March 13th

At the last minute, I’ve agreed to do a demonstration of my “Sticky Fingers” glued collage technique at an upcoming quilt show in Melbourne. I love to do this sort of thing, and hope to see many of you there. Here’s an example of the kind of collage I’ll be showing.  Click any image for […]

“Natural Progression” Complete!

Here’s the final piece, with stitching added.  The stitching does three things: – It structurally holds everything together. – It adds texture. – When a constrasting thread is used, it adds a visual line that becomes a design element.  The petals are an example of this last item.  I used dark brown thread to add […]