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“York Wall” Complete

My latest quilt, York Wall, is now complete.  I’m thrilled with it! Click any image for a larger view I worked (and reworked) very hard to give it the feeling of reflected light, and I’m now happy with the results. This quilt was inspired by a photo I took in 2002 and I started working on […]

Hospital Quilt Installation

I finally got to see my quilt installed at Nemours Childrens Hospital, in Orlando, FL.  I knew it had been framed, a first for me, and I was anxious to see how it looked. The building is modern, colorful, and happy.  Definitely designed for children and their families.  We noticed kids heading for home, not […]

Baby Shoes

Don’t you just love vintage items?  I keep trying to decorate my home with more contemporary pieces, but I’m still drawn to things with a history. Especially when the history is that of my husband.  Like these baby shoes.  He wore all of them.  Aren’t they adorable?  (Click for a larger image.) The shoes are […]

Working an Idea

In my earlier post, I showed you a sketch that was inspired by the shapes of a completed quilt.  Did you figure out which quilt provided that inspiration?  This photo should tell you: The quilt is called Hopes and Daydreams, and it’s one of my favorites.  (You can see it on the  home page of my […]

Drawing Inspiration from Earlier Quilts

In my previous post I told you that my barn sketches were inspired, in part, by an earlier quilt.  However, the idea of drawing inspiration from a completed piece was not my own.  Instead, it came from Elizabeth Barton’s book “Inspired to Design.”   Her suggestion is to look at some of your favorite quilts and let […]

Sketching Barns

This is a special view for me.  It’s the view from my parents’ home, looking across fields and pastures toward the barns of their dairy farm.  (Actually, they raise beef cattle now, but I still think of it as a dairy farm, since that was its function when I was growing up.)   I always […]

The Value of Non-Productivity

Recenlty, after completing a problematic quilt, I just wasn’t ready to tackle the next one.  I wanted some instant gratification, plus I felt like I needed to exercise my creative “muscles.”  Knowing the value of design and creativity exercises, I decided to spend some time working through a few. First, I played around with abstracting a zinnia.  In […]