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Over Painting

I have a piece that’s in the too-ugly-to-see-the-light-of-day category.  I finished it in 2003 and was pretty happy with it until I decided to make some “improvements.”  My attempts backfired, resulting in the quilt’s current status. It’s been languishing in my closet ever since, waiting for more, uh, improvements.  So, I got the idea to […]

Cosmo Commission: Finishing What I Started

After making good progress on my cosmo commission, (on live TV,) it was time to tweak some of the original flower petals and to add a few more.  Click image for larger view. Because my original sketch included one or more white flowers, I did some experimenting with that.  I liked these little spiky shapes […]

Cosmo Commission: Getting Started

I’ve been working on a commission piece, featuring cosmos.  I started with this computer sketch: Since this piece is only about a foot square, I was able to use a lot of my scraps.  First, I used them to create the black background.  Then, I tore fabrics to create rows of fuschia on the left.  […]

Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!  May you have a fun and joyful one.  Whatever  your reason for celebrating, I hope you’ll remember it and allow it to color your thoughts and activities. I tried to downscale my “to do” list this year, and managed to succeed, for the most part.  Still,  I found myself scurrying around stressed on the […]

My Favorite Quilts

People ask me which of my quilts is my favorite.  Gee, that’s a hard question!  I’m not sure I have a favorite, but if I do, it changes.  Someone once told me that your most recent piece is always your favorite.  In my case, there’s a certain amount of truth to that, but not always. […]

Website Tour: Fabric Collage Photo Essay

Have you been to my website lately?  If not, I think you’ll find many things of interest there.  One of the most popular pages is a photo essay in which I explain my process. I use this piece, Ti Plants A-Glow-Glow as my example: It started with this photo, and I show my process from […]

Exciting News Times Three

I was very excited to learn that THREE of my quilts will be included in 500 Art Quilts, due in the spring.  Published by Lark Books, it is described as “an inspiring collection of contemporary work.” My three pieces to be included are:     See more details on these three quilts at the following links: Reconciliation,  […]

Strange Assortment = Play Opportunity

I went to my studio with the intention of putting things away.  Honest.   But, then I noticed the strange collection of things on my table and I just had to do some experimenting.  Here’s what I saw: Some little plastic boxes that I’ve been saving because I thought they were cool: Strips of torn fabric […]

A Pink Ribbon!

Not the kind about breast cancer, but the kind designating Judges’ Choice! I was delighted when Pepper Cory awarded my quilt, Ripening, her Judge’s Choice at the recent World Quilt Show – Florida.  Her comment was “I’d love to take this quilt home with me.”  What an honor! See all the winners here. Ellen Lindner

Back in the Studio!

Lately, I’ve been away from my studio much more than I’d like.  Today, I finally had some time to get back in there.  But, as is often the case when I’m away for too long, I found that my creative muscles were a little out of shape.  I decided to sort, fold, and put away […]