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Collaborate with Me

You’ve got some UFOs, right?  You know, Unfinished Objects?  I’ve got a drawer full. Here’s the thing.  These UFOs have potential.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have kept them.  (My friends will tell you that I DON’T keep things that just take up space!)  But, these items no longer interest ME. So, I thought I’d see if […]

Spiraling Strips

I’ve been having lots of fun stitching skinny strips into a swirling pattern.  It seems that I’m making a hurricane, although that wasn’t really my intention.   As a storm hardened Floridian, maybe it’s just imprinted upon my brain. Click any image for a larger view   (Oops.  I forgot to trim the threads before taking the photo above.) […]

Commission Quilt Finished!

Woohoo!  My commission quilt is finished, and I’m quite happy with it. Click any image for a larger view I wanted an upbeat title for this piece and decided to call it Blessings Underfoot. Here’s a detail image. I hope this quilt will bring a lot of joy to those who see it at Nemours Children’s Hospital.  A […]

Preparing to Play

I’ll soon be spending some time with my teenage nieces, as well as other extended family members.  Since these girls like art projects as much as I do, I’ve gathered a few supplies, so we can have “art camp!” Check out these cool little bird houses.  Won’t they be fun to paint? I’ll bet my […]

Driving in Florida “Snow”

My husband and I enjoyed a recent visit to the wide white sands of Pensacola Beach, Florida.  We drove south to Fort Pickens and were amazed by the changes to this area. This tiny peninsula of land was swept clean by hurricane Ivan in 2005.  Without dunes, you could see the water of both the […]

“Whatcha Gonna Do with All Those Little Strips?

My local quilt shop does something that I love.  Well, many things, really.  But one in particular.  When trimming fabrics to create fat quarters, they save all the little skinny trimmings and bag them up.  When the bag is eventually full, they sell it.  I love these, and have used them in several projects.  Like […]

Winding Down on Floral Commission Quilt

Well, I decided on purples centers for these “black” eyed susans.  Then, I tackled the quilting.  As usual, I outlined the petals with two very imperfect rows of black stitching.  It really helps define the floral shapes.  Other areas were quilted with matching thread. Click on any image for a larager view My photos of these […]