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Queen Palm: Foreground Twigs and Favorite Things

After completing the background, and auditioning fabrics for the foreground, I set to work on the Queen palm twigs.  I was loving the “measles” fabric. Click any image for a larger view But, was it taking over?  Hmm.  Have you ever heard the artistic advice:  If it’s not working, try removing your favorite thing?  Darn.  I […]

Queen Palm: Background and Stitching

After designing a plan for my Queen Palm (twigs) quilt, it was time to create the background.  After some consideration, I decided to slightly mimic the colors in the inspiration photo:  blue-green in the background and yellow-green for the foreground.  Since the colors are similar, I knew I’d have to create contrast with value.  I’d […]

Sketching Palm Twigs

In my neighborhood there are a lot of Queen Palms.  They’re sort of THE classic palm:  tall and willowy.  Click any image for a larger view But, what I keep noticing about them is the fruit clusters.  And the bumpy twigs that remain when the dates are all gone.  (I get to study these up close […]

Remembering 9/11

We all remember where we were when we learned about the 9/11 terrorists attacks.  And the horror of seeing those buildings fall.  Apalling! But then, the surge of patriotism and unity we all felt.  Powerful! Although I didn’t make a 9/11 quilt right away, I did in 2002, when I had to make a challenge […]

I Don’t Like “Friendly” Quilts

And by that I mean quilts that are so friendly they’re waving.  Or curling.  I’m not a fan. Like this quilt (shot from an angle.)  The sides are supposed to be straight and flat. Click any image for a larger view I know there’s some debate about whether or not art quilts should be expected […]