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Designing a Farm Quilt

I grew up on a dairy farm which I’ve photographed quite a bit over the years.  My favorite view is as you’re driving in and you come over a hill.  The farm spreads out before you, with the barns in the distance, and rows of crops on both sides of the road.  And the entire view is framed […]

Odd Hair: Pony Tails and Scary Mouths

Time to work on the pony tails of my odd hair quilt.  I planned to use little bits of a variety of fabrics represnting dark blonde hair. Click any image for a larger view Soon, my table looked like this.  See the ponytails under contstruction on a fused base fabric on the left. Hey, they […]

Odd Hair: Sketching

Continuing with my idea of depicting some childhood memories in small cartoon-like quilts, I’ve started on one about a very weird hairdo.  Pony tails in FRONT of my ears!  Can you imagine? One of the funny aspects of this story is that my mother never commented on my style, even though she wanted to!  I […]

Starting in Left Gear – Sketching a Thorny Palm

Remember when I went on a Photo Safari with my fiber art friends?  One of our assignments was to photograph something with contrasts.  I thought the sharp thorns and round berries of this palm fit the bill perfectly.  Click on any image for a larger view I really enjoyed my last palm quilt, and decided […]

Size Matters (with prints, that is)

I recently started work on a fairly large quilt with colorful Croton leaves. I auditioned fabrics that would help me achieve the striped effect of the heavily veined leaves. Click any image for a larger view Perfect, aren’t they? Then, I drew one very large leaf onto muslin and cut it out as a base […]

Art Camp Under the Trees

On a recent vacation, I wandered through an art supply store with my mom, sister, and three nieces.  It didn’t take long for the art bug to bite and we were chomping at the bit to create some art!  After purchasing just a few supplies, we headed back to our cabins for “art camp.”  Since […]

Drawing Class Wrap Up

Finally, we added white charcoal to our tools and learned about shading to create a sense of form or shape.  (Yeah, using boxes AGAIN!)  As we had done earlier, our instructor had us create quick thumbnail sketches of compositions that we found interesting.  (Click for a larger image.) To her credit, she encouraged us to […]

Back to the Drawing Class

Earlier, I showed you some of the gesture sketches I did in my summer drawing class.  (July 28 and forward.) After LOTS of gesture sketches, we finally moved to contour drawing.  That is, accurately drawing the edges, or shape, of an item.  Since this was much more realistic, my classmates and I also found it to be […]

Gesture Sketches with Thread

After discovering the excitement of doing gesture sketches with charcoal, I decided that I would try to do something similar with fabric and thread.  First, I set up a still life composition. Then, I did a quick gesture sketch with a very fat marker, just to practice before going to the sewing machine.  (I turned the cup […]

Gesture Sketching with Charcoal

In my recent drawing class, we spent a lot of time doing gesture sketches.  These were fast sketches (3 minutes) in which we tried to capture the nature of the subject, without a lot of accuracy. Although these were initially intimidating to my classmates and to me, I eventually came to love them because of their […]