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Fabric Bombing

I’ve been bombed!  And it’s a good thing.  That is, I’ve been fabric bombed.  Or more accurately, my yard has. What is fabric bombing?  It’s a very new thing, following the example of yarn bombing.  With either, a venue is surprised to find their trees, fire hydrants, and other outdoor features have been covered with fabric (or […]

Photo Safari

  My art quilt buddies and I recently went on a “Photo Safari.”  This is an outing in which we notice our surroundings, and photograph specific things.  Things like something pretty,  something ugly, contrasting items, the same item from three different positions, etc.  It’s a fun and excellent exercise in observation and composition. We went […]

Beads and Baubles

Oh my, don’t you love a bead store? And, of course, the pleasure of picking up a  handful of these beauties and letting them run through your fingers. What great eye candy! I seldom use beads on my quilts, but I can’t help but love them!  How ’bout you? Ellen Lindner P.S.  These beads were […]

Blue Chairs

I recently updated an antique chair that I inherited from my grandmother.  Many years ago I tried something similar with this same chair and painted it glossy black.  What a mess.  Every little drip and uneven spot was magnified by the glossiness and it looked terrible!  So, the first thing I had to do was […]

Green, Brown, and Blue – Oh My!

Yikes!  I realized that I needed more thread.  After all, look at my thread drawer “before.” Click any image for a larger view I mean, where are the olive greens, browns, and light blues?  I use these a lot, but I didn’t have them. Then, I got an ad from my local quilt store advertising […]

Hairy Wall

After taking a break, I’m finally back to quilting  “York Wall.” (Click on image for a larger view.) I’m quilting twice around each of the stones.  I like the effect.  But, I can see that they’re definitely going to need haircuts! Ellen Lindner P.S.  Did you know that my blog is searchable?  See the search box […]

Happy Spring

I hope spring has arrived in your area and that you’re enjoying all  it brings!    (As you might guess, these eggs were used to celebrate Easter, not just spring.  But, my website was down at Easter, so I’m just now getting to share them with you.)  Ellen Lindner P.S.  Now that my blog is back […]