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Collaborations Vignettes, Last Post

Winding down with the great Collaborations photos.   The quilt below was made by Irene Watson.  I love the fractured nature of the flowers, as well as the bright colors and the composition.   Click any image for a larger view. Made by Irene Watson The next vignette was created by quilter Sheryl Milner and painter Donna […]

FUN Play Day!

I’ve spent a lot of time working on left-brain tasks lately, so I was really looking forward to my scheduled play day, with Jo-Ann Jensen, today. My plan was to LOOSELY interpret a recent photo, as a small collage.  To help with the loose part, I looked at the photo and then put it away.  […]

Collaborations Vignettes, Part 5

More photos of the Collaborations exhibit.  The ladies in this group work in a variety of media.  The quilts on the left were made by Mary Dyer.  The painting in the center  and the quilt on the right were made by Jo Ewald, and the fabric tree doll was made by Ruth Anne Parker, who’s also […]

Collaborations: Favorite Vignette and More

As part of the Collaborations exhibit, viewers voted on their favorite fiber art piece, favorite non-fiber art piece, and favorite vignette.  These were really hard decisions, because so many things were wonderful!  The photo below shows my favorite vignette before the addition of a very cool fabric tree.  This group included painter Kaye Shannon, and […]

Our “Collaborations” Vignette

After arranging plants and such, our vignette looked like this: Click any image for a MUCH better/larger view. That’s Renee Decator seated near her painting, and me standing near my quilt.  The quilt at left was made by Lynn Greenberg, not shown.  Here’s a better view of Renee’s painting, Taking a Bath with You:   I […]

First Video Online!

Woohoo!  My first video is finally online!  It’s about a fun little mixed media book.  I hope you’ll take a look.   I’ve decided to call my video series Adventure Quilt Works, (a name that was suggested by a former student.)  What do you think? What would YOU like to see me demonstrate or discuss in a […]

More Collaborations Vignettes

More pictures for you, from the “Collaborations” exhibit.  Below is the vignette (in-progress) for painter Lois Mittleman, and quilter Diane Smith.  What great lively colors! Click any image for a larger view. Quilter Mary deMunecas and mixed-media artist Donna Vines used “A Partridge in a Pear Tree” as their theme. Donna Vines’ mixed media piece: […]

Awesome “Collaborations” Exhibit

Imagine grouping art quilters, doll makers, painters, and potters, and then asking them to collaborate on new art pieces.  This is exactly what happened with an exhibit called Collaborations, and it was exciting to see!  The exhibit was on display for two days, in Melbourne, FL, and was free to all.    One of the things that […]

Class Fun

Don’t you just love taking a class?  I do, and I also LOVE teaching them! I’ve shared many class photos on this blog, but I don’t always have time to take photos.   And, since I thought perhaps you readers were growing  tired of them, I didn’t intend to post photos of my recent Double Reverse Applique class.  […]