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Floral Commission: Making Progress

 I’m continuing to make progress with this second “Black Eyed” Susan quilt.  Click any image for a larger view In the previous photo, I’ve added the second flower.  It’s supposed to tilt away from the viewer, but that wasn’t too obvious at this point.  However, once I added the last petal and loosely added some fabric […]

Art on the Living Room Floor

Last week, two of my fiber art friends and I were crawling around my living room floor.  Not for exercise, but for the fun of creating. One of my guests, Jo-Ann Jensen, was working on a project involving 365 square fabric collages she’d made in 2007, one each day!  We had the fun task of helping her arrange […]

Continuing with Black (?) Eyed Susans Quilt

After selecting the fabrics for this quilt, I was ready to create the background.  Since it was meant to represent busy grasses and foliage, I knew that a variety of patterned green fabrics would do the trick.   I often include a few plaid fabrics in the mix, being careful to tilt them a little.  I also […]

Getting Started on a Commission

Back in April, I received a commission to make a piece for Nemours Children’s Hospital, in Orlando, FL.  I feel very privileged to do so! The request was for a quilt similar to Natural Progression, which features Black-Eyed Susans.  So, my first task was to come up with a design.  I had previously isolated some photos […]

Glued Garden Collage: Part Two

Oh, I’ve had fun with this piece!  It’s SO fast and easy!  (See how I started in this post.) After establishing the sky, foliage, and little bits of flowers, I finally added the sheer green paper I had painted.  Along with the first “flower.”  Just a wacky shape of paper, really.  I think I just tore it randomly. […]

A Visit to New York City

Every year, my mom, sister, and I head out for a Mother-Daugther weekend.  We go somewhere different every year, and take turns doing the planning.  This year, our destination was New York City, where we had a blast! Although we skipped some of the more obvious tourist attractions, we did find ourselves in Times Square […]

Glued Garden Collage: Part One

I’m currently teaching my online class, Sticky Fingers, which is about glued collage.  Oh the fun!  The technique is VERY fast, and I got inspired to join the students and make another collage, myself. These are some of the materials I was considering, several of which are thin paper.  The purple-pink-yellow piece of paper was my […]

Eleanor’s Embroidery

In my blog posts, I always discreetly indicate that you can click on an image to see a larger view.  But, this time, I’m saying CLICK ON THE IMAGES!  You’ll enjoy them. Wow, can you believe that embroidery?  (In spite of my somewhat blurry photograph?)  This is part of an in-progress piece made by Eleanor […]

“Florida in Fabric: Wish You Were Here”

I made my quilt, Crotons, for a specific exhibit.  One called “Florida in Fabric:  Wish You Were Here.”  Since this exhibit is being displayed in a nearby prestigious venue, with a published catalogue, I couldn’t resist. The only problem:  the size.  Quilts were required to measure 40″ x 60″, about twice the size of my […]