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Revamping a Shirt

 There once was a shirt with lovely 3D organza flowers. But, the organza DID NOT like  it’s visit to the dryer, so those lovely flowers turned into a tangled mess. Click any image for a larger view  You get the idea. Since only the embellishments were damaged, I thought I could do some sort of […]

It Just Had to be Done

I couldn’t take it.  It just had to be done. That is, reworking a previous piece.  In this case, it was a glued collage, originally completed in 2012, called Garden of Restfulness.  Here’s the “before” version.  Definitely not horrible, but I thought it needed some flowers higher up. Click any image for a larger view So, […]

The Value of Working Slowly

Creating art with fabric and thread is a slow endeavor.  I admit to sometimes being jealous of artists working in other media, since I “know” they can complete their pieces more quickly. I’m using a lot of hand stitching on my current quilt, which is slowing me down even more than usual.  Click on the […]


I’ve been steadily working on my current quilt.  Here it is after I added all the blue-green shapes.  They really helped!  In this photo everything  is stitched in place. Click any image for a larger view When I work with abstract compositions like this I do a LOT of trial and error!  A lot.  I […]

More Silk: Cream and Tan This Time

After creating Summer Fields, I just had to continue working with some of the other luscious silks I had.  This time, I selected a palette of creams and tans. Pretty, right?  Plan A was to cut (burn) the fabrics into squares and to create a mosaic background.  From there, I intended to cut into the squares to […]

Winding Down on Floral Commission Quilt

Well, I decided on purples centers for these “black” eyed susans.  Then, I tackled the quilting.  As usual, I outlined the petals with two very imperfect rows of black stitching.  It really helps define the floral shapes.  Other areas were quilted with matching thread. Click on any image for a larager view My photos of these […]

Size Matters (with prints, that is)

I recently started work on a fairly large quilt with colorful Croton leaves. I auditioned fabrics that would help me achieve the striped effect of the heavily veined leaves. Click any image for a larger view Perfect, aren’t they? Then, I drew one very large leaf onto muslin and cut it out as a base […]

Tea Book: Three Steps Forward

You know what comes next:  2 steps back. I tend to frequently tackle new technical challenges, and they don’t always turn out as I had hoped.  Such is the case with the mixed media tea book I’m working on. This was the plan:  an accordion book on heavy paper, with partial fabric collages.  Overlaid would […]

Reworking My Circles Challenge

Last month, I finished a small challenge quilt, which required significant use of circles.  I (mostly) enjoyed the process, but I have to say that I was NOT happy with my results.  Oh well.  You win some and you lose some, right? But then, I got to thinking I might like to transform this ugly […]

Knowing When to Say “When”

What do you do when your current project is just not turning out to your liking?  This happened to me recently, but not for the first time.  Over the years, I’ve had different approaches to this problem.  Usually, I continue with the piece, working to improve it.  Sometimes that improvement includes something very radical! At […]