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Patriotic Poppies?

Although I didn’t make my latest  collage as a patriotic piece, perhaps I can get away with using it in that way.  So “Happy Independence Day” to my American readers! Click on any image for a larger view White Poppies, above, with detail below. This piece is entirely glued. It’s a great technique which requires no […]

How NOT to Make a Glued Collage

I‘ve been wanting to make a new sample for my Sticky Fingers class:  white flowers on a red background.  So, I glued up the background and started playing with loose flower shapes. Click any image for a larger view Although I sketched some flowers, I wanted to interpret them very loosely, so I didn’t make […]

Up to My Neck in Scraps

 For the last few weeks, I’ve been up to my neck in scraps!  I’m teaching art to a group of teenagers and preparing for our glued fabric collages.  That takes  a lot of fabric! Click any image for a larger view I asked my fiber art friends for scraps and they were very generous.  But, then […]

It Just Had to be Done

I couldn’t take it.  It just had to be done. That is, reworking a previous piece.  In this case, it was a glued collage, originally completed in 2012, called Garden of Restfulness.  Here’s the “before” version.  Definitely not horrible, but I thought it needed some flowers higher up. Click any image for a larger view So, […]

It Doesn’t Always Work

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I like to experiment with a variety of techniques and materials.  This is great fun and it generally works well.  But every now and then I just end up with a dud.  Like this. Click for a larger view – if you dare Can […]

Glued Garden Collage: Part Two

Oh, I’ve had fun with this piece!  It’s SO fast and easy!  (See how I started in this post.) After establishing the sky, foliage, and little bits of flowers, I finally added the sheer green paper I had painted.  Along with the first “flower.”  Just a wacky shape of paper, really.  I think I just tore it randomly. […]

Glued Garden Collage: Part One

I’m currently teaching my online class, Sticky Fingers, which is about glued collage.  Oh the fun!  The technique is VERY fast, and I got inspired to join the students and make another collage, myself. These are some of the materials I was considering, several of which are thin paper.  The purple-pink-yellow piece of paper was my […]

Croton Quilt: Getting Started

After a false start on my croton quilt, I selected new fabrics and was ready to go again.  I love these hand dyes.  And I think the addition of commercial prints makes the mix even better. Click any image for a larger view After deciding on dark blue as the background color, it was time […]

Art Camp Under the Trees

On a recent vacation, I wandered through an art supply store with my mom, sister, and three nieces.  It didn’t take long for the art bug to bite and we were chomping at the bit to create some art!  After purchasing just a few supplies, we headed back to our cabins for “art camp.”  Since […]

Barn Quilt Progressing

I’ve made quite a bit of progress with my barn quilt, and have been enjoying it a lot.  After completing the sky (more or less,) it was time for mountains and woods.  I cut the mountains from one fabric, but the woods are made up from lots of bits cut from fabrics I painted. (I […]