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Berries, Thorns, and Contrast

After completing the stalks, it was on to the thorns and berries. – How thick should the thorns be? Skinny enough to be sharp, but fat enough to show up. – In light fabrics, so they’ll show. – And what about the berries?  Yellow seems like a good choice, but will the high contrast make […]

Thorny Palm Underway

After sketching the design for the thorny palm quilt, I was ready to audition fabric combinations.  Purple background or green?  Click any image for a larger view Since the purple background provides such a nice contrast, I selected it.  I wanted the background fabric shapes to hint at the horizontal thorns I’d be adding.  You can […]

Starting in Left Gear – Sketching a Thorny Palm

Remember when I went on a Photo Safari with my fiber art friends?  One of our assignments was to photograph something with contrasts.  I thought the sharp thorns and round berries of this palm fit the bill perfectly.  Click on any image for a larger view I really enjoyed my last palm quilt, and decided […]

NYC: New Sights and Adventures

New York city included a few sights that were new to us suburbanites.  Like bumper pads for cars.  After seeing how closely the cars park, though, we can definitely understand the need for these. Click any image for a larger view Of course, not all the parking is on the street.  Some go to a […]

NYC Art: Not Always What You’d Expect

When visiting New York city, you’d excpect to find amazing art at The Met.  And we did. Click on any image for a larger view But, we also found artistry in store windows and displays.  Like the paper “dress” on this mannequin at Papyrus.     Later, I stumbled upon Lion Brand Yarn Studio, a […]

NYC: Korea Town and Chelsea Market

On my fourth trip to New York City, there was no need to do the typical tourist activities, (although I did repeat a few of my favorites.)  Instead, my husband, son, and I took things at a fairly leisurely pace and enjoyed doing some new things together. Our first stop was Korea Town because my son is obsessed […]