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“Thorns and Berries”

This is “Thorns and Berries,” which I finished about a month ago. Click any image for a larger view Actually, I finished it about two months ago.  Complete with a hanging sleeve and everything.  But then, I decided the thorns didn’t show up well enough.  I lived with it a while and eventually lightened them with […]

“Rather Odd Hair”

Once I decided to leave the mouth alone, this little quilt went very quickly.  I outline stitched the figures, added the words, and stitched them in place. And here it is, only 9 x 12, “Rather Odd Hair.”  As you can see, I’ve added three little loops so I’ll be able to bind it into a […]

Odd Hair: Pony Tails and Scary Mouths

Time to work on the pony tails of my odd hair quilt.  I planned to use little bits of a variety of fabrics represnting dark blonde hair. Click any image for a larger view Soon, my table looked like this.  See the ponytails under contstruction on a fused base fabric on the left. Hey, they […]

Odd Hair: Sketching

Continuing with my idea of depicting some childhood memories in small cartoon-like quilts, I’ve started on one about a very weird hairdo.  Pony tails in FRONT of my ears!  Can you imagine? One of the funny aspects of this story is that my mother never commented on my style, even though she wanted to!  I […]

“The Cows Enjoyed Her Singing”

In my last post, I showed you the start of my first quilt about a happy childhood.  When you last saw her, the girl in the quilt looked very much like a paper doll:  flat and with no features.  Since then, I’ve added black stitching, which has added wonderful definition. Click any image for a […]

Stitching Childhood Memories

I have really great memories from my childhood.  Growing up on a dairy farm, my experience was a little different than most.  (Example:  my first word was moo!)  My three siblings, the three neighbor kids, and I built forts in the hay loft, played in the creek, and learned to run barefoot on hot gravel. Recently, […]

“Croton Leaves”

  Here’s my croton quilt, in-progress: Click any image for a larger view And here it is, completely finished: I’m quite happy with it.  I love the colors and the interesting fabrics.  And I think the blue gap as the main veins works perfectly.   Plus, I think this piece represents my style well. Also, I know my little quilt will […]

For the SAQA “Trunk Show”

I belong to a wonderful organization called SAQA,  Studio Art Quilt Associates.  One of the goals of the group is to promote art quilts.  With that in mind, the group orchestrates trunk shows of very small quilts.  These travel, free of charge, to any group that asks.  Isn’t that cool? This year’s call for trunk […]

“The Last Few Dates”

My latest quilt is finished, and I’m very happy with it.  I’ve named it “The Last Few Dates.” Click any image for a larger view I kicked up the contrast every so slightly by outlining the foreground elements with a skinny black marker.  You can’t see it from afar, but it adds a little definition […]