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What’s Round, and Colorful, and Messy?

What’s round and colorful and messy?  The tables at a recent color class. Click any image for a larger view The participants spent no time at all covering their tables in multiple layers of colorful papers. We used magazine pages and paint chips.  They’re easy to work worth and not precious like our fabric.  Pretty […]

Inspired by the Fabric

I recently purchased a beautiful hand dyed fat quarter, from Gabriele Bullard, of Fabrilish. Click any image for a larger view Isn’t it gorgeous?!? I spent a bit of time deciding how to best use it.  Certainly, it was tempting to keep it intact and to simply add other fabrics around it. But, I wasn’t […]

2014 in Review

While most people are busy making resolutions for the new year, I prefer to look back at the accomplishments of the previous year.  So, I put together a compilation photo of (most of) the fabric collages I made in 2014.  They’re shown in approximately the same scale, with sizes ranging from 7 x 5 to 51 x […]

“Ti Party”

My latest little quilt was one of the most fun I’ve ever made! Click any image for a larger view I call it “Ti Party,” because the plants shown are Japanese Ti (tea) plants. And it does look like a party, doesn’t it? But, the label says “No politics.  Just vivid color.” Why was this quilt so […]

The Value of Working Slowly

Creating art with fabric and thread is a slow endeavor.  I admit to sometimes being jealous of artists working in other media, since I “know” they can complete their pieces more quickly. I’m using a lot of hand stitching on my current quilt, which is slowing me down even more than usual.  Click on the […]


I’ve been steadily working on my current quilt.  Here it is after I added all the blue-green shapes.  They really helped!  In this photo everything  is stitched in place. Click any image for a larger view When I work with abstract compositions like this I do a LOT of trial and error!  A lot.  I […]

“Quiet Dappled Light”

My haiku quilt, “Quiet Dappled Light,” is now complete. Click any image for a larger view In my opinion,the beauty of this piece lies within its details, and in the story conveyed. You may recall that it portrays a specific country road, where I grew up.  That road is very twisty and BARELY wide enough for two […]

Berries, Thorns, and Contrast

After completing the stalks, it was on to the thorns and berries. – How thick should the thorns be? Skinny enough to be sharp, but fat enough to show up. – In light fabrics, so they’ll show. – And what about the berries?  Yellow seems like a good choice, but will the high contrast make […]

Thorny Palm Underway

After sketching the design for the thorny palm quilt, I was ready to audition fabric combinations.  Purple background or green?  Click any image for a larger view Since the purple background provides such a nice contrast, I selected it.  I wanted the background fabric shapes to hint at the horizontal thorns I’d be adding.  You can […]

“Crisscross” Complete

Here’s my finished palm frond quilt, which I’ve named “Crisscross.”  I’m quite happy with it! Click any image for a larger view “Crisscross,” detail: 30″h x 40″w, $1250 US As with all my quilts, you can audition this one in your home for two weeks before commiting to the purchase.  Find the details here.  Ellen […]