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Let Me Take Your Picture

How teenagers pose for pictures:   How young children pose for pictures: 🙂 Either way, they’re a fun group to work with. Ellen Lindner P.S.  Read about these girls learning how to mix paint colors.

Mine Turned Green

“Mine turned green.”  “Hey, mine too!”     This is what was heard when the students in my summer art class were asked to mix a little blue paint with some yellow.  A discovery!  Green paint!  They were very excited by this. And then came orange.  And purple.  My ten girls were delighted to learn about […]

Under-the-Bed Quilt Storage

I’m LOVING my new quilt storage system!  I’m putting the larger ones under the bed. Click any image for a larger view I’ve got them on a piece of thin housing insulation.  It’s rigid but lightweight and it all slides easily in and out.  The twin bed accommodated a piece measuring 40″ x 72″.  Large […]

It Used to Be His Bedroom

Oh, I’m a lucky girl!  I’ve got a new space for quilt storage and shipping! It all started when I was trying to find yet another spot to store something quilt related.  This time it was easels and other display items.  I already had things wedged between the furniture and walls of my studio, as […]

Patriotic Poppies?

Although I didn’t make my latest  collage as a patriotic piece, perhaps I can get away with using it in that way.  So “Happy Independence Day” to my American readers! Click on any image for a larger view White Poppies, above, with detail below. This piece is entirely glued. It’s a great technique which requires no […]