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“Garden Party”

My latest fabric collage, Garden Party, is now complete. Click any image for a larger view Detail shot: This was a really fun piece to make.  I roughly cut the flowers without trying to make them look like any particular species.  Then, I thought it needed some contrast, so I added the black curly-Q stitching […]

Tags That Tell a Story

In preparation for my upcoming vending event, I’m making price tags for everything.  At first, I followed the typical exhibit-style wording, listing just dimensions and materials.  But then I thought “Is that what people really want to know?”  I asked myself the question, “If I were standing next to someone admiring this piece, what would […]

Prepping to be a Vendor

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know a lot of my art features Florida foliage.  So, I’ve been thinking I should look for opportunities to show my quilts to flower and plant loving audiences.  As a result, on March 29th and 30th I’ll be doing something completely new (for me:)  I’ll be […]

A Necklace of Bobbins and Beads

At the quilt show a couple of weeks ago, I found a fabulous necklace, made with sewing machine bobbins and beads.  Cool! Click any image for a larger view I bought it, thinking that it would be fun to wear when teaching.  And tried it out with my favorite aqua top.  A nice combo, I […]

C & T Publishing Book Sale

C & T Publishing has produced many of my favorite quilt books.  And now many of them are on sale – this weekend only – at ridiculous prices. You definitely should check it out!  I have owned (or still own) these books and I’ve enjoyed them:  Fabric Journey, by Ruth McDowell.  (Only $2!) Adventures in […]

Quilt Show: Dolls and Ribbons

The art dolls at the recent Timeless Treasures quilt show were EXTRAORDINARY!  As a matter of fact, the word “doll” does most of them an injustice.  They’re more like fabric sculptures with  A LOT of attitude! Just look at these two free-standing roosters, made by Vonda Frenes.  DO click on the image for a much […]

Quilt Show Favorites

The recent “Timeless Treasures” quilt show, in Melbourne, FL featured many gems!  These are some of my favorites. Click any image for a larger view      The show was really fun!  In my next blog, I’ll show you some of the amazing art dolls shown. Ellen Lindner P.S.  Here’s a better image of York Wall. […]

Up to My Neck in Scraps

 For the last few weeks, I’ve been up to my neck in scraps!  I’m teaching art to a group of teenagers and preparing for our glued fabric collages.  That takes  a lot of fabric! Click any image for a larger view I asked my fiber art friends for scraps and they were very generous.  But, then […]


My local art quilt group, the Dirty Dozen Fiber Artists, were honored to be invited to have a display of our work at the recent Timeless Treasures quilt show, held in Melbourne, FL.  Called “Perspectives,” it included a diverse collection of subjects, techniques, (and yes,) perspectives. The exhibit looked fantastic under the stage lights (although […]

“Red Strata” Finished – I Think

I’ve finally finished my latest quilt, Red Strata. Click any image for a larger view I made a pretty radical 11th hour change.  Can you see what it is?  I turned it upside down!  Yep.  (Although I think it looks good either way.) This quilt really needs to be seen up close to appreciate all […]