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But What About That Blue?

In an earlier post I showed you the blue-green embroidery I added to try to better integrate the blue sky into the tan and cream color palette.  But, doggone it, that blue sky just still seemed too bright.  Can you tell from this photograph? No?  How about this one? Definitely too bright, right?  I decided […]

“Winter Fields” Embroidery

In this small quilt, I wanted to feature corn stubs poking up through the snow.  I love the way they march in parallel lines across the rolling hills. Click any image for a larger view As you can see, I added other details such as trees and fencing. At this point, my nagging doubts about […]

Winter Landscape Progressing

Can you tell I’ve been busy?  This is the scrap pile that’s been growing as I’ve been working on my latest silk  landscape.  Even the scraps are gorgeous!  (Don’t worry, I won’t throw them away.  They might even inspire another piece.) Here’s my sketch: Different fabric colors will establish the design, machine quilting will add to the […]

More Silk: Cream and Tan This Time

After creating Summer Fields, I just had to continue working with some of the other luscious silks I had.  This time, I selected a palette of creams and tans. Pretty, right?  Plan A was to cut (burn) the fabrics into squares and to create a mosaic background.  From there, I intended to cut into the squares to […]

“Summer Fields” Complete

Summer Fields is the name I’ve given my latest small quilt.  Click any image for a larger view   It was inspired by the farm view from my parents’ driveway.  Perhaps you can pick out the field of “corn”, with golden silks across the top of the plants. I really enjoyed working with burnt silk and […]

Silk Landscape Progressing

I’m really having fun working on this little silk landscape.  After studying my inspiration photo and my selection of lovely silk fabrics, I got to work.  I had already made a computer sketch, so I was able to jump right in. At first, I cut the fabrics in my usual fashion.  But, I knew they’d […]

Silk Two Ways

I really enjoyed the lush scenery on a recent trip to rural Virginia.  I took quite a few photos, thinking that they would serve as inspiration for a quilt. This is one of my favorites, and I had already started sketching it when I discovered some long-lost silk fabrics.  Click on this photo to see […]

“Sea Star” by Jo-Ann Jensen

I have new artwork on my wall and I love it!  It’s Sea Star, created for me by my good friend, Jo-Ann Jensen.  Here it is installed in my hallway. Click on any image for a larger view I love this location.  The colors look great together and this is a spot where it will […]

Double Vision Class

My good friend, Jo-Ann Jensen, is a talented fiber and mixed media artist.  She’s particularly adept at batik and various fabric dyeing techniques.  So, I was delighted to recently preview her latest class, Double Vision. Since a picture’s worth a thousand words, let me show you what we did.  First, we each created a fabric collage […]

Sketching with Silk, Piece #3 Complete

I’ve finally decided on a name for my series of silk pieces:  Sketching with Silk.   (Each one is a fabric interpretation of a recent sketch.) Here’s the latest piece, Sketching with Silk #3.  It measures 9″ x 36″. Click for a larger image. You can see a larger image of this quilt, along with a […]