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I Did It Again

I cut up a finished quilt. Don’t panic, though.  The quilt just wasn’t that great.  Here it is, As I Watched in Wonder. Click any image for a larger view Thankfully, the colors aren’t quite so jarring in person, but this quilt just never quite sang.  (At least not on key!)  It had wonderful little details of […]

On the Design Wall – STILL

You know how it is when you get a new hobby, right?  You’re crazy passionate about it and want to do it every minute?  Well, that’s what has happened to me.  I’ve been SERIOUSLY bitten by the digital scrap booking bug.  And it IS fun!  There are digital papers, stickers, 3D effects, shadows, transparent effects, and […]

Second UFO Complete

This is God Bless You, the other UFO (unfinished object) I recently completed. Like the first UFO, I worked on this one, primarily, in medical waiting rooms.  Fortunately, I got to know many others who were also waiting and I made some good friends.  One of them always said “God Bless You.”  And He did bless me […]

UFOs No More

You know about UFOs, right?  Unfinished objects?  Like all quilters, I have my fair share.  The holiday break seemed like a good time to dig some out, rather than to start something new.  So, I worked on two very small collages, adding lots of hand stitching. This one is called Making New Friends, photographed on […]

“Morning Calm” Pojagi Complete

My son loved his pojagi!  Here it is, backlit.  Which is how he’ll be seeing it, hanging in his window. Click any image for a larger view Pojagi seams are heavy, like those on blue jeans.  This creates the thickness that resists light penetration and gives the stained glass look. I had shown him the fabrics in […]

Haiku Quilt: Collaging and Hand Stitching

As I mentioned in my last post, I was very anxious to get started on a small haiku quilt, as explained in Valerie Goodwin’s book “Art Quilt Maps.”  Per her instructions, I had written a haiku about a favorite twisting country road. Following some of Valerie’s examples, I decided to visually divide my haiku into […]

“The Cows Enjoyed Her Singing”

In my last post, I showed you the start of my first quilt about a happy childhood.  When you last saw her, the girl in the quilt looked very much like a paper doll:  flat and with no features.  Since then, I’ve added black stitching, which has added wonderful definition. Click any image for a […]

I Don’t Like “Friendly” Quilts

And by that I mean quilts that are so friendly they’re waving.  Or curling.  I’m not a fan. Like this quilt (shot from an angle.)  The sides are supposed to be straight and flat. Click any image for a larger view I know there’s some debate about whether or not art quilts should be expected […]

Hand Stitching Added

I think hand stitching really brings these little “notes” to life.  With each one, I’ve added any of the group colors that are missing. I made the lines a little too long on this first one, and they floated away from the fabric.  So, I couched the middle of each one with a contrasting thread.  I […]

Green Notes

No, not money.  More small collages in my “Notes for a Friend” series.  I’m now working on three new green collages, with accents of fuschia, etc. After making the first three red ones, I thought maybe I could do a sort of assembly line process with these next three.  Wrong!  There’s absolutely no substitution for […]