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Awesome Student Work

I’m really enjoying working with the students in my current online class, Design Your Own Nature Quilt.  One of the items on the supply list for this class is “artistic courage,”  because the students often need to work outside their comfort zones.  Click any image for a slightly larger view The quilt above was made by […]

Ready to Quilt – or Not (Croton Quilt)

Woohoo!  The quilt was finally pinned and ready to quilt!  I was quite happy with it.  I liked the colors and the contrasting veins.  Just my sort of thing. Click any image for a larger view But then, something started to bug me.  Sometimes I say, “I hate it when I get a good idea.”  Why?  […]

When Visible Veins are Good (Croton Quilt)

After completing the leaves on my Croton quilt, it was time to move it from the design wall to the table.  This involves switching the pins from push pin mode to holding-fabrics-together mode.  The photo below shows my progress at about the half way point.  The left portion has been freed from the design wall […]

Final Croton Leaves

I’m winding down on the design phase of my Croton quilt.  Here it is with everything pinned in place – except for the vein fabrics.  (The fabrics aren’t really this bright, though.) Click image for a larger view I’ll add the vein fabrics by slipping skinny pieces of fabric under the adjacent larger pieces.  (It’s […]

Zentangles with Shading

I’ve been researching Zentangles a little bit, and have found many online that I love.  I’ve noticed that many use shading to achieve a 3D dimensional.  This is very appealing to me, so I give it a try. This is an early Zentangle, without shading. Click any image to view larger I tried adding some shading […]

Croton Quilt: Adding More Leaves

I’m still enjoying working with my colorful croton quilt.  I’ve added a red leaf on the left. Click any image for a larger view I couldn’t decide whether the fuschia leaf or the orange one (center) should go in front.   I fully constructed each one, so I’d have maximum flexibility down the road. A yellow-green leaf […]

Scrappy Inspiration?

My latest quilt is larger than I normally make:  60″ wide by 40″ high.  This requires larger pieces of fabric, putting many more in the not-big-enough category.  I save the pieces that are larger than fist size, but I let the others fall to the floor.  It’s quite a colorful mess. Normally, I don’t save these […]

“Color Makes the Quilt”

What to do with a gorgeous piece of hand dyed fabric?  Back in 2003 my ideas were limited, so I decided to use it as a sampler for quilting designs.  But, it was just too pretty to be relegated to sampler status, so I added some more fabrics and created this, called Color Makes the Quilt. […]