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It Just Had to be Done

I couldn’t take it.  It just had to be done. That is, reworking a previous piece.  In this case, it was a glued collage, originally completed in 2012, called Garden of Restfulness.  Here’s the “before” version.  Definitely not horrible, but I thought it needed some flowers higher up. Click any image for a larger view So, […]

The Value of Working Slowly

Creating art with fabric and thread is a slow endeavor.  I admit to sometimes being jealous of artists working in other media, since I “know” they can complete their pieces more quickly. I’m using a lot of hand stitching on my current quilt, which is slowing me down even more than usual.  Click on the […]


I’ve been steadily working on my current quilt.  Here it is after I added all the blue-green shapes.  They really helped!  In this photo everything  is stitched in place. Click any image for a larger view When I work with abstract compositions like this I do a LOT of trial and error!  A lot.  I […]

The Need for Blobs and Black

In my last post, I showed you the start of my latest red quilt.  I was beginning to add colorful “blobs” to improve the composition and to add interest. Click any image for a larger view Two blobs added: I added a couple more blobs and then began to add hand stitching.  Much of this […]

One Thing Leads to Another

Remember those wonderful red fabrics I bought in Houston?  Well, it was time to put them to use. I’m planning to redecorate my master bathroom and I want to use red/orange art in there.  This is the start: a tall skinny quilt to go in the narrow spot above the toilet.  You know the one. […]

More Croton Leaves

When I had my art reception in November, I needed some in-progress pieces to show.  Since I had recently completed Croton Leaves, (and since it was small and quick to copy,) I started two more versions of it. For Croton Leaves 2, I decided to work in a slightly subdued color way.  I started by […]

Backgrounds by Design

  In any successful artwork, the background and foreground elements work together.  The background may not even be noticed, but it provides the setting that allows the foreground elements to shine.  Therefore quilt backgrounds deserve just as much thought as other design elements. In Ripening, shown above, the dark blue background adds a complementary color, as […]

2013: Counting Blessings

As I look back on 2013, it’s with a great sense of gratitude.  I had lots of fun making art, engaging with my local art buddies, and interacting with the broader art quilt community. Here are a few snippets from my quilting activities.  Links to the above: Row 1 – York Wall, Croton Leaves 1 & 3 […]