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Children at Paint

I thought you might enjoy a few more photos of the kids in the summer art class I taught. Cyrah and Jaylina were usually fully engaged with their painting.  They easily mastered mixing colors and generally used a wide variety. Click any image for a larger view The older girls, Tiana and Desiree, liked spraying […]

Playing with Paint

While visiting family I bought a book called How to Paint Flowers in Acrylic, by Tim Fisher.  The loose quality of these flowers really intrigued me! Then, my niece, Nolie, and I found some TINY canvasses (3 x 3 and 2 x 2) and we just HAD to play!  We got out my mom’s acrylic paints and […]

Mine Turned Green

“Mine turned green.”  “Hey, mine too!”     This is what was heard when the students in my summer art class were asked to mix a little blue paint with some yellow.  A discovery!  Green paint!  They were very excited by this. And then came orange.  And purple.  My ten girls were delighted to learn about […]

Haiku Quilt: Paint and Sheers

 Let’s recap: – I decided to make a haiku quilt, as explained in “Art Quilt Maps,” by Valerie Goodwin. – I wrote a haiku about a favorite twisting country road. Rolling hills of green Trees right up next to the road Quiet dappled light – I began working on the background.  Using my usual collage […]

Paint as Sculpture

Oh my!  The work of Leslie Wayne is amazing!  She uses oil paints, applying them in solid layers.  Then, while still malleable, she pushes the barely wet layers of paint into 3D hills, vallies, and undulations. Is that cool, or what?  I recently saw her work at the Foosaner Art Museum, in Melbourne, FL.  The exhibit […]

“Sea Star” by Jo-Ann Jensen

I have new artwork on my wall and I love it!  It’s Sea Star, created for me by my good friend, Jo-Ann Jensen.  Here it is installed in my hallway. Click on any image for a larger view I love this location.  The colors look great together and this is a spot where it will […]

Fun with Surface Design

Gee, I had fun today!  I met up with some of my fiber art buddies for play and experimentation.  After donning our face masks, we opened the dye powder jars and were ready to get going. NOTE:  Dye powder is very harmful.  You MUST wear a mask when handling it! Click any image for a larger […]

Experimenting with White on White

My local fiber art group is having a White on White challenge.  Since I like vivid colors and strong contrasts, that’s a bit of a stretch for me.  But one that I welcome.  Still, I’m VERY thankful that we’re interpreting the definition of white pretty loosely! I decided that such a delicate color scheme might be […]

Altering Fabrics: Oil Sticks and Paint

All the cool stuff Bev gave me got me thinking about stamping and other surface design techniques.  This was timely, since I needed fabrics to depict a distant forest in early spring.  I was looking for small scale, low contrast prints in browns and greens.  As you might guess, there was nothing in my stash […]

Our “Collaborations” Vignette

After arranging plants and such, our vignette looked like this: Click any image for a MUCH better/larger view. That’s Renee Decator seated near her painting, and me standing near my quilt.  The quilt at left was made by Lynn Greenberg, not shown.  Here’s a better view of Renee’s painting, Taking a Bath with You:   I […]