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A Postcard for Mary

When our SAQA “pod” leader decided to step down, the rest of us chose to make postcards for her, as a “thank you” gift. I had the perfect scraps, given to me by Judith Content. Click any image for a larger view I thought about proportions and “sweet spots” (good spots for focal points,) and came up […]

An Abundance of Good Wishes

More art flags!  Part of the installation at Florida Tech, these flags will weather and fray as time goes by. Click any image for a larger view And that’s part of their charm.  Those in Tibet believe the good wishes put into each flag will come to pass as they age. They may get twisted […]

Dancing in the Wind

Standing on the bridge, with sunlit tropical foliage all around, the wind kicks up and the flags overhead begin to flutter wildly.  It’s at once both exciting and serene.  A joyful moment! This was my experience as I took in an installation of art flags. They went up a few days ago, on the campus of Florida […]

Exciting Quilt Auction!

Do you know about the SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) fund raising auction?  Oh, it’s phenomenal!  Hundreds of artists have donated quilts approximately 12″ x 12″ which will be auctioned online in batches. This is the one donated by my friend, Martha Wolfe, called Nasturtium. Click image for a larger view Martha constructed this piece entirely […]