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Door County, Wisconsin

When I told my husband about all the fun things my mom and sister and I would be doing in Door county, WI, he started calling it “Bore county.”  I guess visiting art galleries, cool boutiques, and antique shops, while enjoying beautifully scenery and weather just didn’t appeal to him.  But, it sure did to […]

Slavery in Louisiana

While touring Oak Alley, we also got to see replicas of slave cabins and to learn a little bit about the life of slaves. I didn’t realize that a hierarchy existed among the slaves.  House slaves had better clothing, which I expected, but they also had better quarters.  This photo shows the bed included in the […]

THAT Plantation

If you’ve ever googled “southern plantation” you’ve probably seen an image of Oak Alley.  It is the quintessential plantation with, as the name implies, a long approach path with 300 year old oaks lining both sides.  It’s all quite majestic! Here’s the distant view, in which the oaks nearly obliterate the view of the  home.  This would be […]

Images of New Orleans

What city has jazz music, fantastic food, above-ground cemeteries, Spanish architecture*, huge mardi gras celebration, and evidence of a hurricane?  Why, New Orleans, of course!  There are so many things unique to this city, and that is much of why it’s so interesting. Let’s start our tour with some iconic images. (Click any image for a […]

The Cemeteries of New Orleans

I REALLY enjoyed a recent visit to New Orleans; my first time there.  We toured around quite a bit and were particularly intrigued by the above ground cemeteries. This was the entrance to St. Roch’s Cemetery. Click any image for a larger view   It was very neat and well maintained. The crypts are above […]

Country Charm

I recently got to visit my parents and extended family in rural Virginia.  The country vistas are always beautiful, but they were especially green and lush in the middle of summer.  (Even though they were having a dry spell.) I really enjoyed seeing all the  things I don’t get to see in my Florida suburb:  rolling hills, round […]

Everyday Details in Korea

Being away from home for 10 days meant a trip to a Laundromat.  It turns out that they’re very scarce.  This closest one took 1 hour on the subway.  (We got smart and took a taxi instead.)  The proprietors were very nice.  They loaded our clothes for us and offered us water.  The shop was […]

Seoul’s Subway

The subway in Seoul is said to be the best in the world.  Based on my limited experience, I can’t argue with that. One of the best things about it is the glass wall between the riders and the tracks.  Like the shuttle trains in airports.  This not only provides rider safety, but it also […]

Folk Museum: Celebrations and Festivities

While exploring the Korean Folk Museum, we came across an engaged couple who were having pictures taken.  This was the perfect setting for photos of them wearing traditional garb.  They’ll most likely do more wearing Western wedding clothing. Click on any image for a larger view Korean couples take wedding photos well in advance.  Obviously, […]

Korean Folk Museum

We really enjoyed the Korean Folk Museum, about an hour south of Seoul.  It featured traditional buildings which had been moved from their original locations to this beautiful wooded site. This first photo shows a nobleman’s home.  It was actually a compound of buildings housed within a wall. Click any image for a larger view  […]