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Garden Quilt: Drawing, Painting, and Stitching

After some designing, I was ready to plunge into unknown territory with my newest quilt.  This was my design “sketch.” Click any image for a larger view My plan was to use both stitching and paint to depict the imagery.  I had done this in a very abstract way on an earlier quilt.  In that […]

Designing a Plan

In an earlier post, I showed you some of the photos I took in a local florist’s garden area.  Since I was making a quilt with this as my inspiration source, my dilemma was editing the imagery down to something useful, but still visually pleasing.  I decided to use a compilation of images, and began to work […]

Joy to the World!

I hope you and your family are enjoying a leisurely, relaxed, and fun Christmas holiday.  I’ve succeeded in having NO STRESS leading up to Christmas!  Amazing!  We had a fun evening on Christmas Eve, when we joined our friends for a s’mores cookout in their front yard!  Yeah, I know it sounds wacky, but it […]

Too Much Inspiration

I’m involved in a collaborative project in which art quilters and other artists create new work based on a shared theme.  My group has decided to use the garden area of a local florist as our inspiration. Click any image for a larger view. There’s certainly PLENTY to pique your interest here!  Hot pink bouganvilla cascading from […]

Paper Lace as Hair

After reading my post about making paper lace, A. Carole Grant sent me a photo of a quilt in which she created hair with the same technique. Carole explained to me her technique for creating the hair.  She used paper that’s designed to be used on doctors’ examining tables.  She placed it on the quilt and […]

Tis the season for…well, way too much

Click any image for a larger view Are you like me during the Christmas season?  Do you put way more on your “to do” list than you can possibly manage?  Decorating, shopping, wrapping, shipping, writing and mailing cards, baking, and maybe even making a few gifts?  Geesh!  What a load!  I don’t mind telling you […]

Beautiful Art Book to Help Accident Victim

On September 30, Cherie Ann Stannard was involved in a car accident, resulting in a spinal cord injury and paralysis. Her whole life changed in an instant. Her best friend, Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, desperately wanted to help her friend in any way possible.  Therefore, she’s put together a beautiful book of art, called Art with Heart, […]

Paper Lace

I just recently learned about paper lace and decided to give it a try.  If you’ve made thread lace on water soluble stabilizer, the technique is very similar. Start by layering several layers of paper together.  Select papers that are a little bit fragile, like newspaper or tissue paper.  Next, stitch a grid or other […]

Mountain Meadow: Trees and Fence Posts

After stitching the sky, mountains, and foreground, it was time to tackle the trees and near hills. I found that my usual stash of green prints had patterns that were too large for the appropriate sense of distance.  And several of them also had too much brown.  So, I had to actually buy more fabric!  (That […]