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“Summer in the South” Complete

My piece “Summer in the South” is now complete: Click any image for a larger view Here’s a closer image: If you’re a southerner, perhaps you can also feel the heat and hear the cicada bugs in the background.  All part of living in the south during the summer. This piece is available for purchase.  […]

Great Photographs: So Close

Remember my new “mail” room that I’ve recently set up?  With storage and shipping features?  One additional hope I had for this room was a great photo set up.  So, I did a trial run to see how it might work. Oh, it was fantastic!  I just moved my empty table up (vertically) against the […]

Red Art in the Bathroom

I recently updated my master bathroom.  I painted the walls a soft grey/tan.  (The name was “blank,” so that gives you an idea – even though it looks a little too warm in these photos.)  It was a good backdrop for the vibrant red art I wanted to add to the room. Click any image […]

Crepe Myrtle Quilt Progressing

After completing the background for my crepe myrtle quilt, I got to work on the  foliage.  I followed my sketch closely and it looked like this. (See the sketch and design process in this previous post.) Click any image for a larger view By scrunching my fabrics in the blades of my scissors as I was cutting, […]

Children at Paint

I thought you might enjoy a few more photos of the kids in the summer art class I taught. Cyrah and Jaylina were usually fully engaged with their painting.  They easily mastered mixing colors and generally used a wide variety. Click any image for a larger view The older girls, Tiana and Desiree, liked spraying […]

Packing Quilts

Lately, I’ve been packing up several quilt to ship them to shows.  While doing so, I’ve been feeling really spoiled by my new shipping station.  It’s just an empty table with supplies nearby, but it’s SO convenient!  (Yes, I said empty table people.  What a luxury!) One show required that I send hanging dowels with […]

Getting Started on a Crepe Myrtle Quilt

Do you have Crepe Myrtles in your area?  They thrive here in the south and I just love them.  Not only are their blossoms beautiful, but their shapes and their trunks are as well.  I especially like the way the branches droop when they have heavy blossoms on them. To start designing the quilt, I […]

Playing with Paint

While visiting family I bought a book called How to Paint Flowers in Acrylic, by Tim Fisher.  The loose quality of these flowers really intrigued me! Then, my niece, Nolie, and I found some TINY canvasses (3 x 3 and 2 x 2) and we just HAD to play!  We got out my mom’s acrylic paints and […]

Country Charm

I recently got to visit my parents and extended family in rural Virginia.  The country vistas are always beautiful, but they were especially green and lush in the middle of summer.  (Even though they were having a dry spell.) I really enjoyed seeing all the  things I don’t get to see in my Florida suburb:  rolling hills, round […]

Florida in Fabric II Exhibit

If you live near Melbourne, FL, be sure to check out the “Florida in Fabric II:  Wish You Were Here” exhibit, at the Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts.  It’s a wonderful exhibit, with 35 art quilts.  And it’s all free! My quilt, The Last Few Dates, is part of the exhibit. The adjacent gallery […]