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Tropical Flowers

Of course, Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden featured not only art glass, but many beautiful and exotic plants throughout its 83 acres.  Here are a few favorite shots from our visit. Click on any image for a larger view Isn’t this orchid gorgeous? Don’t tropical plants have a lot of attitude?  Just look at the shape […]

Chihuly’s Citron

More photos from our visit to Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, in Coral Gables, FL, featuring the art glass of Dale Chihuly.  This sculpture is called “Citron.”  Partially hidden by trees, it was hard to get a clear shot of it.  This one is looking up the hill. Click any image for a larger view And some […]

What’s Round, and Colorful, and Messy?

What’s round and colorful and messy?  The tables at a recent color class. Click any image for a larger view The participants spent no time at all covering their tables in multiple layers of colorful papers. We used magazine pages and paint chips.  They’re easy to work worth and not precious like our fabric.  Pretty […]

More Design in Sebring

The Art Quilters Unlimited group needed very little encouragement when it came to working loosely on their quilts. Nancy limited herself to working only with scraps.  Some of them were seamed together so she used these to her advantage.  Have you ever seen such high energy coconuts? Click any image for a larger view Sue […]

Designing in Sebring

I had great fun teaching the talented quilters from Art Quilters Unlimited, at their annual retreat.  The first class was “Design Your Own Nature Quilt,” which these go-getters fully embraced. Sally used a wonderful photo she had taken at a botanical garden.  She came to class with it already cropped, but sent me the full […]

Do Birds Like Glass Art?

While photographing the glass sculptures at Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, I happened to capture a snowy egret coming to investigate. Click any image for a larger view He gave it a close inspection, looking for food, I’m guessing. When he didn’t find it he curled his long neck in,  hunched up his “shoulders” and  I think […]

A Boat Full of Baubles

Are you familiar with the work of glass artist Dale Chihuly?  This work is amazing and his installations in public gardens are truly awe inspiring. I got to see his current exhibition at Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens in Coral Gables, FL, (Miami area.)  Wow!  Today, I am showing you just one of the fantastic pieces, […]

Second UFO Complete

This is God Bless You, the other UFO (unfinished object) I recently completed. Like the first UFO, I worked on this one, primarily, in medical waiting rooms.  Fortunately, I got to know many others who were also waiting and I made some good friends.  One of them always said “God Bless You.”  And He did bless me […]

UFOs No More

You know about UFOs, right?  Unfinished objects?  Like all quilters, I have my fair share.  The holiday break seemed like a good time to dig some out, rather than to start something new.  So, I worked on two very small collages, adding lots of hand stitching. This one is called Making New Friends, photographed on […]