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Problems = Improvements

“Ugh, that looks terrible.”  And so it begins.  The recognition that I’ve got a problem.  Never a happy moment!  But, thankfully, these problems sometimes point me in a totally new direction which greatly improves the piece.  Like this recent one. I’ve been working on the next set of “Notes for a Friend.”  I wanted to […]

Paint as Sculpture

Oh my!  The work of Leslie Wayne is amazing!  She uses oil paints, applying them in solid layers.  Then, while still malleable, she pushes the barely wet layers of paint into 3D hills, vallies, and undulations. Is that cool, or what?  I recently saw her work at the Foosaner Art Museum, in Melbourne, FL.  The exhibit […]

When the Cable Guy Needs to Get Behind Your Bookcase

Those books have got to go somewhere!  My work table was already pretty full when I added a couple of shelves worth of books. Then, there was all the stuff that was crammed between the bookshelf and the wall.  Like shipping noodles. And the little “suitcase” with the backgammon game.  So that’s where that went! […]

“ReDress: Upcycled Style,” Nancy Judd Exhibit

What do glass shards, junk mail and parachutes have in common?  They’re all fodder for Nancy Judd’s creativity.  She uses these items and other cast off or recycled materials to create wearable garments. Although this evening gown seems to be laden with sequins, it’s actually covered with over 4000 shards of glass.  Click for a […]

Note for a Friend #6

Ooh, I love the hot fucshia line in “Note for a Friend #6.”  These were the colors I set out to use and I think they’re very effective.  I was really happy with the embroidery, too.  (Click the image for a much better view.)   $59 unframed, or $79 framed/mounted on glass See this post for an […]

Note for a Friend #5

Here’s “Note for a Friend #5.  I didn’t intend to use yellow.  However, my green and yellow scraps share a container.  As I was working some green out, a yellow piece of fabric fell onto my composition and it really seemed to work.  The orange happened in a similar way. I planned to use fucshia in this […]

Note for a Friend #4

“Notes for a Friend,” numbers 4 through 6, feature yellow-greens with bright accents.  Here’s number 4 complete.  I especially like the curly-Q yellow stitching at the top.  (Click the image for a much better view.) $59 unframed, or $79 framed/mounted on glass See this post for an example of the framing. To purchase, email me at […]